Saturday August 18, 2012
TOMORROW will see Somerset’s Tom Perry compete in the European Grasstrack Championship which is being staged in Eenrum, Holland.

He will be lining up against, amongst others, ex-Rebels Stephan Katt, Matthias Kröger and Glen Phillips, Katt being a previous double winner and runner-up in the Championship, his victories coming in 2006 & 2009. Also lining up in the 18-rider field are defending champion, Martin Smolinski and the 2008 winner, Stephane Tresarrieu.

Full Line Up:

1) Matthias Kröger (Germany), 2) Stephan Katt (Germany), 3) Tom Perry (GB), 4) Richard Hall (GB), 5) Dirk Fabriek (Holland), 6) Richard Wolff (Czech Rep), 7) Jeffrey Wortmann (Holland), 8) Jorg Tebbe (Germany), 9) Jerome Lespinasse (France), 10) Jannick de Jong (Holland), 11) Mark Stiekma (Holland), 12) Ales Dryml (Czech Rep), 13) Paul Cooper (GB), 14) Keijo Bünning (Germany), 15) Theo Di Palma (France), 16) Glen Phillips (GB), 17) Martin Smolinski (Germany), 18) Stephane Tresarrieu (France)

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