Tuesday October 06, 2020
He will always be a Rebels' favourite and seven years ago today, Jason Doyle celebrated his 28th birthday by lifting the Premier League KOC trophy at Rye House.

Today, October 6th, Jason celebrates his 35th birthday having, at the weekend, secured his place in the 2021 GP series by finishing sixth overall in this year's tournament and claimed his third Czech Golden Helmet in successive season, so on behalf of the Somerset Speedway management it is a heartfelt wish of Many Happy Returns to a rider that spent four seasons in Rebels' colours.

But, back to that "birthday present" in 2013. Jason scored a perfect four ride maximum, making it a ten ride unbeaten performance in the final itself, having delivered an 18-pointer in the first leg at the Oaktree nine days earlier. In fact, during the whole of the 2013 cup campaign Jason won no fewer than 20 of his 34 rides, including a first round maximum against Workington in the July.

Somerset headed to Hoddesdon holding a healthy 28 point lead and whilst the Rockets recovered from a first heat 2-4 deficit to Jason and Kyle Newman, to eventually build a 36-24 second leg lead, that mathematically kept them within an outside chance of denying the Rebels the silverware, the Doyle/Newman combination struck again in heat 11 to make it almost a lost cause for the hosts.

As Jason and Kyle headed back into the pits, Garry May and his troops knew they only had to provide a race finisher in three of the four remaining heats, so when Charles Wright and Alex Davies picked up an unchallenged second and third respectively with Ben Morley packing up in heat 12, the mission had been accomplished. But, in typical Somerset fashion, job done didn’t mean resting on laurels and in heat 13 birthday-boy Doyle, completing his maximum, was partnered to a full 5-1 advantage by Nick Morris before the final two heats finished in personal victories for Josh Grajczonek.

Rye House 46 (77) - A.Mellgren 10 (3,3,2,0,2); T.Nelson 8+1 (2,1',3,2,0); P.Aspgren 7+1 (0,1',3,3); J.Bunyan 7+1 (X,2,2',3); O.Allen 7+1 (2,2,2',1); B.Morley 4 (1,1,2,R); K.Lykke 3 (2,1,0,0)

Somerset 44 (103) - J.Doyle 12 (3,3,3,3); J.Grajczonek 10 (3,0,1,3,3); C.Wright 9 (3,2,1,2,1); N.Morris 6+1 (X,3,X,2',1); A.Davies 4+1 (1,2,X,1'); K.Newman 2 (1,0,X,1); O.Greenwood 1 (0,0,1)

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