Saturday August 01, 2020
Somerset Speedway are delighted to confirm that the planned streaming of their 2016 League cup final second leg against the Glasgow Tigers will now go ahead this coming Tuesday, 4th August.

Technical problems delayed the broadcast by one week but thanks to the sterling efforts of ReRun Productions and Speedway Portal the gremlins have been beaten and the Premiere showing is already lined up for the action to be fully enjoyed from 7.30pm on Tuesday.

Team manager Garry May expressed his thanks to Steve Girdwood and Andy Hague for the work that has been channelled into bringing memories of past seasons to mind. "Behind the scenes Steve and Andy have been superb and I can't thank them enough for their efforts. It was frustrating last week to hear that we had to postpone the showing of this league cup final as it was a meeting that I really wanted to see again. I am looking forward to Tuesday and I hope many of our supporters are too.

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