Thursday June 25, 2020
American Rebel Luke Becker has been named by the FIM as one of the sixteen competitors for the 2020 World U21 championship.

The effects of Covid-19 has reduced the title race to just a single round, at Pardubice, Czech Republic on Friday 2nd October and the competitors have been nominated by their Federations with the FIM announcing today the make-up of the one-off final.

Becker, signed by the 'Cases' Rebels as a late replacement for Bradley Wilson-Dean who was forced to delay any plans to return to the UK before the lockdown and travel restrictions under doctor's advice following surgery on his troublesome shoulder.

Representing the AMA (US federation), Luke will face competition from Nilklas Sayrio (NML - Finland), Alexander Woentin (SVEMO - Sweden), Vitaly Kotlyar (MFR - Russia), Lukas Fienhage (DMSB - Germany), Dan Bewley (ACU - Great Britain), Olegs Mihailovs (LaMSF - Latvia), Dominik Kubera (PZM - Poland), Marko Levyshyn (FMU - Ukraine), Steven Goret (FFM - France), Jan Kvech (ACCR - Czech Republic), Wiktor Lampart (PZM - Poland), Jaimon Lidsey (MA - Australia), Mads Hansen (DMU - Denmark), Mattia Lendarduzzi (FMI - Italy) and a wild card entry to be nominated by the staging authority ACCR.

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