Tuesday June 09, 2020
Below you will find five questions with Somerset connections based on happenings during the month of June in the club's history.

Each answer is a number, which would be your score for the quiz. If you get all FIVE answers correctly you will achieve 100 points.

1. How many meetings did Somerset complete in the month of June of their first ever season (2000)?

2. In June 2017, although not a racing Rebel, Jason Doyle won his first GP round of his successful world championship title assault, on what date did he achieve victory in the Czech GP in Prague?

3. How many away meetings have the Rebels won in a June month since their 2000 inauguration into speedway?

4. The club's biggest ever defeat occurred on 18th June 2000 when they lost to Boston. What was the margin of defeat in that Conference league fixture?

5. Somerset's last meeting in a month of June was away at Sheffield on the 30th last season. How many points did the Rebels score in that visit?

As an extra clue, the answers to the questions increase in value.

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