Friday May 15, 2020
Tuesday nights have fast become archived action evening as we have, through the good offices of ReRun Productions and Speedway Portal, been able to stream meetings from season's gone by, and this coming Tuesday will be no exception.

Details of the chosen meeting are still under wraps at the moment but we can assure fans that it will be another episode of engaging action.

We can however reveal that this week's meeting will not be the one that actually took place on May 19th 2017 when a majorly reshuffled 'Cases' Rebels side rode for the first time, not as a full one-to-seven however, for Charles Wright was absent through injury. But it was a new look Rebels team as manager Garry May had wielded the early season axe and released Rohan Tungate, Paul Starke and Jan Graversen as he sought to try and arrest the three-match home defeat sequence that was giving him cause for concern in the Rebels first season at top flight speedway.

In came Richard Lawson, Lewis Kerr and Cameron Heeps and, on a night when they were facing a strong top four of Edward Kennett, Chris Harris, Scott Nicholls and the Rockets' guest for the evening Rory Schlein, the Rebels' debutants amassed 30 points between them adding to Josh Grajczonek's 11, Patrick Hougaard's 8 and Jake Allen's 5

With nine heat advantages to their credit on the night the Rebels ended their league points drought although the Rockets avenged for that defeat twenty four hours later when the two sides met at Hoddesdon.

For a more detailed report from that May 19th meeting click here and keep your eyes peeled for the full details of our forthcoming video stream for Tuesday.

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