Sunday November 17, 2019
Somerset Rebels' owner Debbie Hancock has been appointed to the board of Directors of The British Speedway Promoters' Association Ltd, which was originally formed in 2018.

Hancock's appointment came during the annual general meeting of the BSPA held in Rugby last week and it is an appointment that has left her feeling a mix of "enthusiasm and trepidation."
"Obviously it is a proud moment for me to be elected on to the Board (also known as the Management Committee) by my peers and I am looking forward to taking on the role", said Hancock, adding " at the same time though it is going to be something of a learning curve for me being part of the leadership of the association. I am going to have to make certain I am fully up to speed with all the rules and any subsequent changes. Without a doubt I will have to have a much wider focus and not just concentrate on running Somerset.
Hancock joins Stewart Dickson (Leicester), Chris Louis (Ipswich) as Directors along with the newly appointed Chairman, Rob Godfrey (Scunthorpe) and vice-chair Damian Bates (Sheffield). Former post holders Keith Chapman, Neil Machin and Colin Pratt all step down.

The Conference also saw the acceptance of Somerset's neighbours Poole into the SGB Championship adding extra rivalry for the Rebels in 2020, whilst Kent were also adopted as members of the second tier, which will see a change of structure for the forthcoming campaign. However, Plymouth's bid to set up from the National League was not given the green light by Conference and as things stand the BSPA Championship league will be made up of 12 teams. There remains a question mark over Newcastle's ability to 'come to tapes' and they have been given an extension to their confirmation of engagement. The league will be split into two geographical areas with but all sides will meet across to the two groups will meet home and away once, whilst sides will meet the other clubs of their respective groups twice home and away.

The Rebels have been allocated to the Southern group which includes Birmingham, Eastbourne, Kent, Leicester and Poole .

Hancock added "Now we know the league structures we can begin in earnest in building a side to complete the already announced signings of Rory Schlein and Anders Rowe and hopefully we will be in a position to confirm a third member within the next week or so and should have the side complete well before Christmas."

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