Saturday July 27, 2019
The 'Cases' Rebels came narrowly close to pulling off one of the results of the season as they led the mightily strong home side Eastbourne by one point just two heats ahead of the finish of their SGB Championship visit to Eastbourne (Saturday).

In the final outcome it was just one league point the Rebels collected, losing 45-44, a result that has bolstered their claims for a play-off place, although they have suffered the blow of another rider wanting to step down from the side.

Team manager Garry May's delight with his sides performance was tempered somewhat when reserve Henry Atkins requested to be released by the Rebels .
"The lads really rode well tonight" said May, adding, " I think the track really suited Anders and it was great to see him piling up the points. I don't mind admitting that they all really surprised me tonight as I did think there was a chance that we might get mullered again, just as we did back in April when we visited, but to get so close to them was a great effort.
"On my scribbling pad I had this as a nil-pointer so the consolation point we earned balances the books as I had been hoping to get four from Birmingham and we only picked up three on Wednesday. It keeps us very much in the pot for a play-off place but we can't afford to take anything for granted."
"Unfortunately, Henry has asked me to try and find a replacement for him for the remainder of the season as he feels his current form is damaging his confidence too much. We always knew it was going to be tough for the youngsters at the bottom end anf the last thing I want is to jeopardy their whole career, so I have to honour his wish. He wants to try and restore his confidence by racing at the National league level and I can fully understand his mindset. I firmly believe he has the ability to become an established rider in the sport and I genuinely look forward to being able to work with him again in the future. I would like to thank him for his efforts and I wish him every success in rebuilding his confidence. It just means now I have to try and sort out a team for the rest of the season given that I have lost two riders this week."

The Rebels' excellent performance was in no small part due to the splendid showing by reserve Anders Rowe, opening with an excellent race win, and adding another in his sixth outing together with a further five paid six across his other five rides, to finish with a paid twelve score. This supported Rory Schlein banking 13 points and the Cornish couple of Chris Harris (10+2) and guest Ben Barker (7) adding a further seventeen points between them.

But it was a crucial heat 12 rider replacement ride from Todd Kurtz that edged the Rebels ahead by a point when he partnered Rowe home for a 5-1 at the expense of Kyle Newman and Alfie Bowtell. A heat earlier Kurtz had been rested in favour of a tactical ride by captain Chris Harris that earned the Rebels their first 5-1 of the night, as he partnered Schlein home
Those back-to-back 5-1 advantages had seen the Rebels turn a seven point deficit into a one point lead, a far cry from the 27-63 thrashing they had experienced in the Shield back in April.

In sharing heat 13 the Rebels retained that narrow lead and dare they dream of that shock result but Rowe's luck ran out in heat 14 as Lewis Kerr and Bowtell finished either side of Ben Barker to restore the lead.
Nevertheless that consolation point was already bagged up and there remained a chance it could become more if Harris and Schlein could pull out a heat advantage; Kerr and Lawson charged with trying to save the match for the Eagles.
Harris went down at the first attempt and was disqualified, an outcome that effectively resolved the match, but lone Rebel Schlein came out in the re-run to dominate and bring the nail-biting meeting to a close.

E.Kennett 3,3,2',0=8+1
K.Newman 1',1',3,1,1=7+2
L.Kerr 2,2,3,3,1'=11+1
R.Lawson 2,3,1,3,2=11
A.Bowtell 1,2,0,FD,3,0,1=7
J.Edwards 1',0,0,0=1+1

Somerset 44
R.Schlein 2,3,3,2,3=13
T.Kurtz 0,0,FD,2'=2+1
B.Barker 3,2,0,2=7
C.Harris 3,2,2,2',1',FD=10+2
A.Rowe 3,1,1',2,1,3,0=11+1
H.Atkins 0,0,1',0=1+1

Ht 1: E.Kennett, R.Schlein, A.Bowtell (RR), T.Kurtz 4-2 4-2 |57]
Ht 2: A.Rowe, A.Bowtell, J.Edwards, H.Atkins 3-3 7-5 [58.6]
Ht 3: B.Barker, L.Kerr, K.Newman, H.Atkins (RR) 3-3 10-8 [58.2]
Ht 4: C.Harris, R.Lawson, A.Rowe (RS), J.Edwards 2-4 12-12 [57.9]
Ht 5: R.Schlein, L.Kerr, K.Newman, T.Kurtz 3-3 15-15 [57.8]
Ht 6: E.Kennett, C.Harris, A.Rowe, J.Edwards (RR) 3-3 18-18 [57.7]
Ht 7: R.Lawson, B.Barker, H.Atkins (RR), A.Bowtell 3-3 21-21 [58.6]
Ht 8: K.Newman (RR), A.Rowe (RS), T.Kurtz (Fell d/q), A.Bowtell (Fell d/q) 3-2 24-23 [awd]
Ht 9: L.Kerr, C.Harris, K.Newman, H.Atkins (RS) 4-2 28-25 [58.1]
Ht 10: A.Bowtell (RR), E.Kennett, A.Rowe (RR), B.Barker 5-1 33-26 [61]
Ht 11: R.Schlein, C.Harris (TS), R.Lawson, J.Edwards (RS) 1-5 34-31 [58.1]
Ht 12: A.Rowe, T.Kurtz (RR), K.Newman, A.Bowtell (RS) 1-5 35-36 [58.8]
Ht 13: R.Lawson, R.Schlein, C.Harris, E.Kennett 3-3 38-39 [58.2]
Ht 14: L.Kerr, B.Barker, A.Bowtell, A.Rowe (RS) 4-2 42-41 [58.6]
Ht 15: R.Schlein, R.Lawson, L.Kerr, C.Harris (Fell d/q) 3-3 45-44 [58.6]
Gates: EASTBOURNE deferred choice of gates Somerset chose 1&3 | EASTBOURNE took gates 1&3 in heat 15
Referee Mr Chris Gay
League Points EASTBOURNE 3 Somerset 1
Rider of the Night: Anders Rowe

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