Tuesday July 09, 2019
Birmingham have confirmed that neither Ashley Morris or Tero Aarnio will be fit enough to race at the Oaktree Arena tomorrow night

They had been hopeful that both would pass fitness tests but Aarnio is ruled out with hand injury which required further inspection after he attempted to return to the saddle for his new Premiership club Belle Vue.

Morris, who was the top scorer for the visitors when they were last at the Oaktree is ruled out with tissue damage to a thumb that he sustained at Poole recently.

The Midlands side will operate rider replacement for Aarnio, which provides for all riders to cover his programmed rides which includes guest Ellis Perks who deputises for Morris.

The 'Cases' Rebels have Ben Barker guesting for Nico Covatti.

Somerset: R.Schlein, T.Kurtz, V.Grobauer, B.Barker (Guest), C.Harris, A.Rowe, H.Atkins
Birmingham: A.Ellis, N.Agertoft, M.Castagna, E.Perks (Guest), Rider Replacement, D.Hume, J.Shanes

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