Wednesday July 03, 2019
Somerset scored a league double over Scunthorpe Scorpions with a convincing 20-point home win that had high content levels of exciting speedway.

Providing much of the thrills was under-threat German Valentin Grobauer who battled his way to a programmed-ride paid maximum (10+2) before being denied his maiden full house by Scorpions' debutant Ben Barker, when called upon in the nominated riders heat.

Grobauer twice combined with Rebels' guest Thomas Jorgensen for 5-1 advantages as the Rebels romped to a 14-point mid-meeting lead, and the German's points came the hard way with some tremendous moves through the pack to delight the crowd, and his team manager Garry May.
"We saw tonight from Valentin the spark that has largely been missing. I had a long chat with him about his form and asked him to go out there and really show me what he is capable of. I told him that if he continued to struggle then I might have to look at my options. His response at the time was one of few words, instead he went out there tonight and let his riding do the talking. He needs now to build on that. It will have given him some confidence. I am not expecting near maximums every meeting but I am looking for passion and desire to win. He showed that each time he went out on track tonight and it proves that if you put in the effort then the rewards will come."

Somerset restricted their visitors to just five race winners, the first of those came in the opening heat as the Scorpions kicked off with a 4-2 advantage through Danny Ayres and Josh Auty but then the Rebels assault started as they picked up 23 from a possible 25 in the next five heats.

Scunthorpe's ambitions to try and get back into the meeting in heat 7 by using Jake Allen as a tactical substitute to partner Ben Barker largely misfired as Rebels' reserve Anders Rowe made a clever first bend move to get under Allen whilst Barker won the 'Clash of the Cornish', leading home Chris Harris.

Debutant Simon Lambert and Ayres conspired to earn a 5-1 in heat eight but a brilliant piece of racing in heat nine saw Jorgensen and Grobauer go either side of Allen on the third turn of the second lap.

Somerset were given a stroke of fortune when Barker packed up in heat 10 with Schlein and Kurtz seemingly beaten but then they packed in the heat advantages dropping just seven points from a possible 25 across the final five heats, including a from-the-gate win by Grobauer in heat 12 to complete his scheduled rides unbeaten.

R.Schlein 0,3,2,3=8
T.Kurtz 2,1,1,1'=5+1
V.Grobauer 2',2',3,3,1=11+2
T.Jorgensen 3,3,2',1'=9+2
C.Harris 2',2,3,1,3=11+1
A.Rowe 3,1',1,2=7+1
H.Atkins 1,3,0,0=4

J.Auty 1,0,2,2=5
D.Ayres 3,1,2',3,0,0=9+1
B.Barker 1,3,R,2,3,2=11
J.Allen 1,2,0,1,0=4
R.Kinsley 0,0,1'=1+1
S.Lambert 2,0,0,3,R,0=5

Ht 1: D.Ayres, T.Kurtz, J.Auty, R.Schlein 2-4 2-4 |58.06]
Ht 2: A.Rowe, S.Lambert, H.Atkins, R.Kinsley 4-2 6-6 [58.19]
Ht 3: T.Jorgensen, V.Grobauer, B.Barker, S.Lambert 5-1 11-7 [57.81]
Ht 4: H.Atkins, C.Harris, J.Allen, S.Lambert 5-1 16-8 [57.97]
Ht 5: T.Jorgensen, V.Grobauer, D.Ayres, J.Auty 5-1 21-9 [58.97]
Ht 6: R.Schlein, J.Allen, T.Kurtz, R.Kinsley 4-2 25-11 [58.19]
Ht 7: B.Barker, C.Harris, A.Rowe, J.Allen (TS) 3-3 28-14 [57.13]
Ht 8: S.Lambert, D.Ayres, T.Kurtz, H.Atkins 1-5 29-19 [58.25]
Ht 9: V.Grobauer, T.Jorgensen, J.Allen, S.Lambert (Rtd) 5-1 34-20 [57.4]
Ht 10: D.Ayres, R.Schlein, T.Kurtz, B.Barker (Rtd) 3-3 37-23 [58.07]
Ht 11: C.Harris, J.Auty, A.Rowe, D.Ayres 4-2 41-25 [57.34]
Ht 12: V.Grobauer, B.Barker, R.Kinsley, H.Atkins 3-3 44-28 [57.12]
Ht 13: R.Schlein, J.Auty, C.Harris, J.Allen 4-2 48-30 [57.62]
Ht 14: B.Barker, A.Rowe, T.Jorgensen, S.Lambert 3-3 51-33 [57.25]
Ht 15: C.Harris, B.Barker, V.Grobauer, D.Ayres 4-2 55-35 [0]
Gates: SOMERSET won toss and chose gates 1&3 | SCUNTHORPE took gates 1&3 in heat 15
Referee Mr Dave Watters
Rider of the Night: V.Grobauer

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