Sunday June 23, 2019
Rebels boss Garry May was jubilant as he stood alongside his charges on the rostrum at the Peterborough holding the SGB Championship Fours trophy and admitted, "It's not been a bad weekend after all" referring to the fact that his full side had picked up a league point at Glasgow on Friday and his Fab Four had just secured the club's first piece of silverware this season. "We've got this one and now we will be going for the Pairs and the league title itself."

May had seen Chris Harris (6), Nico Covatti (4), Rory Schlein (3) and Todd Kurtz (1) finish as the fourth highest scoring side in the 11-strong semi-final, outpointed by a single point from Eastbourne, Glasgow and Sheffield all of whom had mustered 15 points from the first 22 heats of a busy afternoon.

But wins from Harris and Covatti and a second place from Schlein in the first round of four heats in the final saw the Rebels on top with 8 points to Glasgow's seven and Sheffield's six. An excellent reserve ride by Sheffield's Broc Nicol in heat five, with Schlein having to settle for third place, levelled matters up between the Rebels and Sheffield as both pulled two points clear of Glasgow whilst Eastbourne floundered on five points.
A splendid ride by Harris, his third win of the afternoon, again inched the Rebels a point clear, but a simple misjudgement by Covatti as he stayed too tight in heat seven, thus allowing Sheffield's Danny King a faster run round the outside, saw the leading two sides go level again, 14 points each.
Kurtz couldn't get amongst the points in heat eight but there was limited damage done as Eastbourne's Edward Kennett followed in race winner Craig Cook (Glasgow) as Kyle Howarth could only muster a point, but nevertheless it was enough to restore Sheffield's advantage.
Hopes were high for the Rebels in heat nine with Chris Harris setting the pace but Glasgow's Paul Starke stormed by him for the win. With Proctor missing out this time, Somerset again moved ahead 16-15-14-9.
Todd Kurtz was asked to do something big for his final ride and the point he claimed proved to be big enough as King was winning again and whilst the lead had slipped again from Somerset's grasp it was still only a point between them and Sheffield.
A no-mistakes winning ride by Covatti was significant as much for the fact that the Tiger who immediately followed him home was from Glasgow rather Sheffield thus going into the final heat Rory Schlein knew he only had to finish ahead of Drew Kemp to ensure the Rebels would win the meeting and gain the title they last held in 2014.
The Rebels' number one didn't disappoint, even giving Cook plenty to think about but the win by the Glasgow skipper levelled their score with that of Sheffield forcing a run-off to see who would be second best to Somerset.
Cook overworked things in the exciting run-off coming to grief on the last lap as he tried to recover from being passed by King.
Skipper Chris Harris recognised the efforts of his 2019 Championship side claiming "We've got a good bunch of lads and it is good to ride with them. We knew we had a chance when we came here if we could ride like we all know we can. The aim was to come here and try and get the job done. We did that and it is a great feeling to hold the trophy."

Semi Final Scores
Eastbourne 15 - R.Lawson 2; E.Kennett 6; K.Newman 1; L.Kerr 6; A.Bowtell 0;
Glasgow 15 - C.Cook 3; C.Vissing 1; R.Jensen 6; P.Starke 5; J.Sarjeant 0;
Sheffield 15 - D.King 4; K.Howarth 3; T.Proctor 6; D.Kemp 1; B.Nicol 1;
Somerset 14 - R.Schlein 3; C.Harris 6; N.Covatti 4; T.Kurtz 1; V.Grobauer 0;
Edinburgh 13 - R.Wells 1; C.Heeps 5; V.Palovaara 2; J.Andersson 5; L.Ruddick 0;
Leicester 12 - S.Nicholls 2; R.Worrall 4; J.Bates 2; R.Douglas 4; E.Perks 0; Newcastle 11 - S.Worrall 5; L.Bjerre 0; T.Jorgensen 4; M.Wethers 2; M.Clegg 0;
Redcar 10 - C.Wright 5; M.Palm-Toft 4; J.Stewart 1; T.Bacon 0; N.Greaves 0; Scunthorpe 10 - J.Auty 2; D.Ayres 3; S.Nielsen 3; J.Allen 2; R.Kinsley 0;
Berwick 9 - A.Summers 2; K.Doolan 3; N.Busk-Jakobsen 2; J.Etheridge 0; F.Garcia 2; Birmingham 8 - A.Ellis 3; T.Aarnio 4; J.Lawlor 0; C.Coles 1

Ht 1 S.Worrall, A.Summers, A.Ellis, C.Cook (rtd) [58.27]
Ht 2 D.King, R.Lawson, R.Wells, C.Vissing [57.30 TR]
Ht 3 C.Wright, R.Schlein, S.Nicholls, K.Doolan [57.50]
Ht 4 E.Kennett, T.Aarnio, M.Palm-Toft, J.Auty (fell) [57.80]
Ht 5 R.Worrall, C.Heeps, K.Howarth, L.Bjerre [59.1]
Ht 6 C.Harris, V.Palovaara, N.Busk-Jakobsen, D.Ayres [58.70]
Ht 7 R.Jensen, J.Bates, K.Newman, J.Lawlor [58.9]
Ht 8 T.Proctor, T.Jorgensen, S.Nielsen, J.Stewart [58.3]
Ht 9 N.Covatti, R.Douglas, D.Kemp, C.Coles (fell rem) [58.8]
Ht 10 L.Kerr, J.Andersson, M.Wethers, J.Etheridge [58.9]
Ht 11 P.Starke, J.Allen, T.Kurtz, N.Greaves [58.9]
Ht 12 T.Proctor, C.Wright, C.Vissing, A.Summers (rtd) [58.6]
Ht 13 D.Ayres, A.Ellis, R.Worrall, R.Wells [59.9]
Ht 14 M.Palm-Toft, T.Jorgensen, R.Schlein, R.Lawson [58.1]
Ht 15 K.Doolan, J.Auty, M.Wethers, J.Bates (rtd) [59.9]
Ht 16 C.Harris, T.Aarnio, D.King, K.Newman [59.3]
Ht 17 C.Cook, R.Douglas, J.Stewart, V.Palovaara [60.0]
Ht 18 L.Kerr, K.Howarth, N.Busk-Jakobsen, J.Allen [60.2]
Ht 19 J.Andersson, S.Worrall, N.Covatti, J.Lawlor [60.2]
Ht 20 R.Jensen, S.Nielsen, B.Nicol, T.Kurtz [60.0]
Ht 21 C.Heeps, F.Garcia, C.Coles, N.Greaves [61.70]
Ht 22 E.Kennett, P.Starke, S.Nicholls, L.Bjerre (fell dq) [59.4]

Final Scores
1st Somerset 22 - R.Schlein 6; C.Harris 7; N.Covatti 8; T.Kurtz 1; V.Grobauer 0
2nd Sheffield 19+3 - D.Kemp 0; K.Howarth 4; D.King 7+3; T.Proctor 4; B.Nicol 4
3rd Glasgow 19+0 - P.Starke 4; R.Jensen 5; C.Vissing 1; C.Cook 9+0; J.Sarjeant 0
4th Eastbourne 12 - R.Lawson 6; E.Kennett 4; K.Newman 0; L.Kerr 2; A.Bowtell 0

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