Friday June 21, 2019
For the second time this week the 'Cases' Rebels went to a 42-48 scoreline but their efforts in Scotland were rewarded with a league point - the first team this season to claim such at Ashfield.

With Nico Covatti loving every minute of the Glasgow circuit and Chris Harris and Rory Schlein both producing box-office performances, especially when they came up against the win-machine Craig Cook, this contest was intriguing although the Glagow Tigers just seemed to have the upper-hand throughout.

Garry May reflected on his team's performance claiming "I thought we were just one decent score short of taking the victory tonight. We carried a couple of low scores but we still managed to push them most of the way. The racing was superb out there and to get a point from it was something at least."

The Rebels recovered from an early set-back when Cook and James Sarjeant threw in a 5-1 to kick-start this meeting and but a brilliant heat four ride from skipper Chris Harris, supported by Henry Atkins being awarded third place after Claus Vissing spun out on the last lap, enabled the visitors to halve the deficit. A much improved ride from Rory Schlein, seeing of ex-Rebel Rasmus Jensen in the fifth kept the scoreline tight and for half of heat six it looked as though Cook's colours were finally going to be lowered as Harris was setting a blistering pace. But an awesome move by Cook on the first turn of lap three put him in pole and with Rowe just unable to oust Sarjeant the Tigers doubled their lead.

Covatti used the first bend banking to great cause to take the honours, stylishly, in heat seven but then Glasgow flexed their muscles with a 5-1 from Kyle Bickley and James Sarjeant. In came Schlein as a tactical substitute, replacing Anders Rowe, and when Paul Starke infringed at the start his ride was taken by Bickley. But Schlein and Harris combined superbly, Schlein making his presence known to Jensen with a fair but hard move on the opening bend. Covatti brought out the best in Cook in heat 10, although Somerset were able to share the spoils as Valentin Grobauer opened his account at the expense of three-in-a-row Bickley, out in this one after Sarjeant had gone into the tapes first time of asking.

A startling fall by debutant Connor Bailey in heat 11 did more damage to Kurtz's machine than probably his own, Somerset eventually claiming a 4-2 as Schlein quickly dispelled any possible threat from Claus Vissing in the re-start. Just two points again separated the two sides and the last thing the Rebels needed was a 5-1 from Jensen and Bickley especially as Cook was a certain starter in two of the remaining three heats.

Heat 13 was an epic battle between Cook and Schlein, the Tigers' captain prevailing and there was further excitement in the penultimate heat as Covatti worked tirelessly to try and secure a third win on the night, but Paul Starke was having none of it and the fist pump as he crossed the line marginally quicker than Covatti said clearly how much it meant to him, and the Tigers as it secured their 100% home record.

But the meeting was far from done and heat 15 was packed with passes as Cook and Harris played out a cat and mouse show and Schlein was mixing it up for added value, but that man Cook just came through the stronger but with the heat shared the consolation point was claimed by the Rebels.

C.Cook 3,3,3,3,3=15
J.Sarjeant 2',1,2'=5+2
R.Jensen 2,2,1,3,0=8
P.Starke 1',1',3=5+2
C.Vissing FD,2,2,0=4
C.Bailey 0,1',FD=1+1
K.Bickley 3,2,3,0,0,2',0=10+1

R.Schlein 1,3,3,3,2,1'=13+1
T.Kurtz 0,0,1,1=2
V.Grobauer 0,0,1',0=1+1
N.Covatti 3,3,2,2=10
C.Harris 3,2,2',1',2=10+2
A.Rowe 2,0,1=3
H.Atkins 1',1,0,1'=3+2

Ht 1: C.Cook, J.Sarjeant, R.Schlein, T.Kurtz 5-1 5-1 |57.3]
Ht 2: K.Bickley, A.Rowe, H.Atkins, C.Bailey 3-3 8-4 [59.24]
Ht 3: N.Covatti, R.Jensen, P.Starke, V.Grobauer 3-3 11-7 [58.15]
Ht 4: C.Harris, K.Bickley, H.Atkins, C.Vissing (Fell d/q) 2-4 13-11 [awd]
Ht 5: R.Schlein, R.Jensen, P.Starke, T.Kurtz 3-3 16-14 [58]
Ht 6: C.Cook, C.Harris, J.Sarjeant, A.Rowe 4-2 20-16 [58.05]
Ht 7: N.Covatti, C.Vissing, C.Bailey, V.Grobauer 3-3 23-19 [58.74]
Ht 8: K.Bickley, J.Sarjeant, T.Kurtz, H.Atkins 5-1 28-20 [59.7]
Ht 9: R.Schlein (TS), C.Harris, R.Jensen, K.Bickley 1-5 29-25 [58.22]
Ht 10: C.Cook, N.Covatti, V.Grobauer, K.Bickley 3-3 32-28 [57.44]
Ht 11: R.Schlein, C.Vissing, T.Kurtz, C.Bailey (Fell d/q) 2-4 34-32 [58.74]
Ht 12: R.Jensen, K.Bickley, A.Rowe, V.Grobauer 5-1 39-33 [59.27]
Ht 13: C.Cook, R.Schlein, C.Harris, C.Vissing 3-3 42-36 [58.03]
Ht 14: P.Starke, N.Covatti, H.Atkins, K.Bickley 3-3 45-39 [59.93]
Ht 15: C.Cook, C.Harris, R.Schlein, R.Jensen 3-3 48-42 [58.73]
Gates: SOMERSET deferred choice of gates GLASGOW chose 1&3 | SOMERSET took gates 1&3 in heat 15
Referee Ronnie Allan
League Points GLASGOW 3 SOMERSET 1

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