Thursday May 02, 2019
'CASES' REBELS promoter Debbie Hancock has expressed her thanks to Poole owner Matt Ford for making the club's Anniversary Challenge meeting a possibility.

Although the Rebels suffered a heavy home defeat in the inter-league challenge against Dorset neighbours Poole, Debbie was delighted to have eventually staged the meeting after the planned season's opener was washed-out at the beginning of April.

"I would like to go on record in thanking Matt for agreeing to the rescheduling of the meeting. Whilst we couldn't have the full celebrations that we had initially planned for April 3rd, with former Rebels on hand, it was important for the club to commemorate our 20th year racing here at the Oaktree. Matt was very accommodating and it was good to have an entertaining meeting to celebrate with, even though the result went against us."

Somerset lost 34-56 with 2018 Rebel Jack Holder returning as a visitor and striking with a paid maximum, an achievement that was in the grasp of Brady Kurtz until Rory Schlein split the two Poole Aussies in heat 13.

The Rebels are next in action on Wednesday night (8th May) when they host Redcar in the Knockout cup

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