Monday April 29, 2019
The re-arranged 20th Anniversary challenge fixture against Poole Pirates is next up on the 'Cases' Somerset Rebels schedule, as the two sides meet at the Oaktree Arena on Wednesday (1st May).

A waterlogged track forced the postponement of what should have been the Rebels season's opener on April 3rd, but the two clubs were determined to celebrate 20 years of racing at the Highbridge circuit and so programmed it in for this week.

The revised date does mean that the Rebels will be without the services of German Valentin Grobauer whilst the Pirates will be short of Dane Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen. Their other regular reserve, Nico Covatti will be riding for Somerset as originally planned and so Poole bring in Paul Starke and Jordan Jenkins at reserve to ride alongside their strong top five. Ironically, on the original date Starke was due to have ridden for the Rebels when Henry Atkins was going to move across to the Pirates for one night only, but Garry May was keen to keep his side together as much as possible but has booked Josh Bates as cover for Grobauer..

The visitors have five former Rebels in their line-up, in Jack Holder, Brady Kurtz, skipper Josh Grajczonek, Richie Worrall and guest Starke and May sees this as "being a good test for the team", adding, "Poole look strong with plenty of familiar faces in their side but it does mean that we should be in for an entertaining meeting and I want to be the happiest person making the trip back to Dorset on Wednesday night!"
"As I said before, this might be billed as a challenge , but I still want to win it. It's a bit of shame that Valentin won't be able to ride for us as I know he is keen to get as much experience of the Oaktree circuit as possible. But this Wednesday is one date where he has German league commitments, which is the reason why we pushed back the Knockout Cup fixture against Redcar by a week so that he could be available."

Rebels: Rory Schlein, Todd Kurtz, Josh Bates (Guest), Nico Covatti, Chris Harris (Capt), Henry Atkins, Anders Rowe
Pirates: Jack Holder, Richie Worrall, Nicolai Klindt, Josh Grajczonek (Capt), Brady Kurtz, Paul Starke (Guest), Jordan Jenkins (Guest)

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