Friday April 26, 2019
It is not just on-track that the Somerset Rebels are looking for success. Attending Wednesday night's SGB Championship Shield fixture against Eastbourne was a speedway virgin with champion potential.

The adorable young Akita puppy was bred by speedway enthusiasts Robert and Christine Needs, one of four from their first litter all of which have been named with Somerset Speedway connotations - 'Gerochi Somerset Rebel', 'Gerochi Nico Covatti', 'Gerochi Bionic Doyle' and 'Gerochi Chasing the Shale'.

The Needs have registered the prefix 'Gerochi' with the Kennel club and their aim is to show 'Rebel' in the hope that he will qualify for Crufts in 2020.
Our SREF organiser, Di Phillips, is herself a former Championship judge who also used to show her Afghan and Borzoi breeds so meeting Robert one day in the trackshop and hearing that he was breeding Akitas Di was naturally interested.

" I was naturally quite interested in Robert's project and as the weeks went by he kept me abreast of how the breeding programme progressed, and I was delighted to learn that they had successfully bred four pups in their first litter.

"There is no doubt that 'Rebel' is an excellent showdog. I was extremely impressed with his temperament. Rebel had never met any of us before but he was such a good character and absolutely stunning to look at. I feel that he certainly has the potential to go a long way in the show world and who knows Somerset Rebel could well in time be a Crufts champion."

Rebel attended his first show last Sunday, winning his puppy class , and on April 27th he heads out on the trail to Crufts with his first ever Championship show.

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