Thursday April 25, 2019
Having celebrated his 15th birthday on the eve of the Rebels' Championship Shield match against Eastbourne, Eli Meadows took his first steps on a career with the Somerset Rebels.

The St.George's Day born kid kicked proceedings off at the Oaktree Arena on Wednesday night by signing a Letter of Intent that lines him up to officially join the Somerset club when he turns 16.

The present day mascot is following in the tyre-treads of his predecessor, Henry Atkins, whom Meadows watched score a very impressive 7 points in only his fourth second-tier meeting and club officials believe that a good career awaits Meadows.

For video coverage of Eli's signing click Here

Speaking of the signing, promoter Debbie Hancock said "Like Henry, Eli is a great lad. Very level headed and making good strides. Just as we were quick off the mark with Henry, we wanted to follow suit with Eli. Garry and I spoke about it and we both felt it would be good for the club as we look to build for the future. When he is old enough, it is planned for Eli to sign for us which offers him something to strive for. He has been putting in some good pre-meeting displays and he enjoys very much in being part of the team, as we try to involve him as much as possible.

Meadows first started riding a bike at the tender age of 3, enjoying the experience in his Uncle's field. Last season Eli scored 200 points as he dominated in the Formula Grasstrack Association (FGA) Junior Class .

Colin Burnett photo captures Eli signing the Letter of Intent watched on by Rebels Promoters' Garry May (left), Debbie Hancock and Eli's father

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