Sunday March 31, 2019
Seasons 2008 and 2009 go to the polls this week as Somerset Speedway seeks to find two more riders to be included on the REBELS ROLL OF HONOUR to commemorate the club's 20th Anniversary season.

Rebels' fans are invited to vote for their best rider from 2008 and 2009 s and in each year, the rider who casts the highest number of votes will be eligible for the ROLL OF HONOUR and will be recognised on a wall plate/plaque which will permanently be displayed in the club house towards the end of this Anniversary season.

Voting can be made via the club's Twitter or Facebook accounts or alternatively via email to pressoffice@somerset-speedway.com and testimonials for the riders' voted are more than welcome. Voting for 2006 and 2007 closes at midnight on Saturday 6th April 2019

Jordan Frampton
Brent Werner
Jason Doyle
Emil Kramer
Stephan Katt
Matthias Kroger
Simon Walker
Henning Loof

Cory Gathercole
Steve Johnston
Emil Kramer
Justin Sedgmen
Simon Walker
Tom Brown
Jay Herne
Nick Simmons
Jarek Makinen
Brendan Johnson

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