Sunday March 03, 2019
Voting for the next two season's opens today, Sunday 3rd March as the search for the Fans Favourites continues.

Years 2002 and 2003 fall under the ballot papers this time around with voting open until midnight on Saturday 9th March.
Under the criteria that riders' eligibility is based on having ridden more than one official meeting as a signed Rebel the list of riders are:-

Steve Bishop
Mario Jirout
Glenn Cunningham
Graeme Gordon
Neil Collins
Adam Allott
Malcolm Holloway
Gary Phelps
Shane McCabe
David Meldrum
Stuart Williams
Neville Tatum

Mark Lemon
Glenn Cunningham
Graeme Gordon
Matt Read
Stephan Katt
Rob Finlow
Steve Bishop
Mario Jirout
Paul Candy
Simon Dyminksi
James Mann
Simon Walker
Brendon Mackay
Chris Manchester
Benji Compton
Jamie Holmes
Craig Branney
Maik Groen
Lee Hodgson
Scott James

Voting can be made via the club's Twitter or Facebook accounts or alternatively via email to and testimonials for the riders' voted are more than welcome.

The rider casting the highest number of votes in a season will be eligible for inclusion in the very special REBELS ROLL OF HONOUR and will be recognised on a wall plate/plaque which will permanently be displayed in the club house towards the end of this Anniversary season.

In the event that a rider is voted the most popular in more than one season, team manager Garry May will have the casting vote in deciding which year that rider will represent, and the next popular rider will then qualify from the other year(s), provided that rider has not received another nomination, in which case the next highest rider will receive the vote and so on.

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