Friday February 01, 2019
The 'Cases' Somerset Rebels have been forced into a change of plans for the team that will represent them during their 20th Anniversary season, after Frenchman Dimitri Berge opted to cancel his contract.

22 year old world longtrack team champion Berge notified the Rebels management that it was "not an easy decision to request a cancellation of his contract and not one he took lightly, but one he felt obliged to come to terms with", adding "I have long had a strong desire to ride for Somerset and indeed I was very happy to have been in a position to sign for the Rebels."

Berge cited the problems of not being able to secure the services of a full-time mechanic to support him in the UK and stated "as soon as I signed for Somerset I began to search for someone to join my team and I can assure you it is not for a lack of searching because I asked many people from my side plus other people, to see if they knew of someone who might be interested. But unfortunately I could not attract any positive feedback."

Additionally, the Rebels management undertook a search of their own on behalf of the rider but were equally unsuccessful in trying to resolve the matter. Promoter Debbie Hancock admitted "Gazza expended a great deal of time in trying to find a resolution that would have enabled us to retain Dimitri in the side, as he was a rider we were looking forward to working with at last. But, as Dimitri himself found, we drew a blank in the search and sadly therefore have to accept his decision with heavy hearts, and we know from our exchanges with him it was an equally heavy heart that he made the decision with."

The Rebels have been in discussions with potential replacements and expect to be in a position to announce Berge's replacement within the next few days

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