Saturday January 05, 2019
Once again TODD KURTZ scored 6 points in a round of the Australian Championships, following Saturday's second round held at Mildura.

With 12 championship points to his name Todd currently sits in 11th place in the title race some 18 points adrift of the lead which is shared three ways by Max Fricke (winner of round 1), Chris Holder (winner in Mildura) and Rohan Tungate (who has finished second in both rounds).

As at Gillman, Kurtz opened with a second place and followed that up with two third places. In his fourth ride he collected another second place when finishing behind brother Brady in heat 13 but concluded his night with a last place when confronted by Chris Holder, Ryan Douglas and Kye Thompson.

Round 3 of the five will be held on Monday at Undera

Heat Details from Mildura

Ht 1 M.Fricke, B.Kurtz, R.Douglas, J.Lidsey
Ht 2 J.Holder, T.Kurtz, J.Stewart, Z.Cook
Ht 3 R.Tungate, J.Sedgmen, N.Morris, K.Thompson
Ht 4 C.Holder, S.Masters, B.Cook, Z.Keleher
Ht 5 S.Masters, B.Kurtz, K.Thompson, Z.Cook
Ht 6 N.Morris, R.Douglas, B.Cook, J.Holder (rtd)
Ht 7 M.Fricke, R.Tungate, T.Kurtz, Z.Keleher (exc)
Ht 8 J.Lidsey, C.Holder, J.Sedgmen, J.Stewart
Ht 9 C.Holder, J.Holder, B.Kurtz, R.Tungate
Ht 10 R.Douglas, J.Sedgmen, Z.Cook, Z.Keleher
Ht 11 J.Stewart, K.Thompson, B.Cook, M.Fricke (rtd)
Ht 12 S.Masters, N.Morris, T.Kurtz, J.Lidsey
Ht 13 B.Kurtz, T.Kurtz, B.Cook, J.Sedgmen
Ht 14 R.Tungate, R.Douglas, S.Masters, J.Stewart
Ht 15 C.Holder, M.Fricke, N.Morris, Z.Cook
Ht 16 J.Holder, K.Thompson, Z.Keleher, J.Lidsey (fell)
Ht 17 B.Kurtz, J.Stewart, N.Morris, Z.Keleher
Ht 18 C.Holder, R.Douglas, K.Thompson, T.Kurtz
Ht 19 M.Fricke, J.Holder, S.Masters, J.Sedgmen
Ht 20 R.Tungate, J.Lidsey, B.Cook, Z.Cook
B Final B.Kurtz, J.Holder, S.Masters, R.Douglas
A Final C.Holder, R.Tungate, M.Fricke, B.Kurtz

C.Holder (18); R.Tungate (14); M.Fricke (13); B.Kurtz (12); J.Holder (10); S.Masters (10); R.Douglas (10); N.Morris (8); J.Stewart (6); K.Thompson (6); T.Kurtz (6);J.Lidsey (5); J.Sedgmen (5); B.Cook (5); Z.Cook (1); Z.Keleher (1); Res J.Pickering (DNR)

M.Fricke (30); R.Tungate (30); C.Holder (30); J.Holder (21); B.Kurtz (20); S.Masters (20); J.Stewart (17); R.Douglas (16); J.Lidsey (15); N.Morris (15); T.Kurtz (12); B.Cook (10); K.Thompson (7); Z.Keleher (6); J.Sedgmen (5); Z.Cook (4); J.Pickering (1)

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