Thursday January 03, 2019
Rebels' star Todd Kurtz endured a flurry of third places in the first round of the Australian Solo Championship staged at Gillman, Adelaide today (Thursday).

Kurtz, who earned the right to compete in the five-round series after finishing in the top eight of Wednesday's qualifying meeting, opened the title chase with a second place in heat 4, heading home 2018 Rebel Jack Holder in the process. But Kurtz could only manage third places in his remaining four rides to finish 9th on the day, two points behind his brother Brady who was denied a chance of making the finals after a fourth ride disqualification for falling.
The meeting was won by Max Fricke from ex-Rebel Rohan Tungate in second and Chris Holder, who reached the final by virtue of his victory in the B-final in third. Jordan Stewart was fourth but had to sit the final out after being a faller in the first staging of the race.
The tour moves to Mildura on Saturday for round 2.

Ht 1 M.Fricke, N.Morris, S.Masters, C.Holder (rtd)
Ht 2 B.Kurtz, R.Tungate, B.Cook, K.Thompson
Ht 3 J.Stewart, Z.Keleher, Z.Cook, J.Sedgmen
Ht 4 J.Lidsey, T.Kurtz, J.Holder, R.Douglas
Ht 5 J.Holder, B.Kurtz, N.Morris, J.Sedgmen (rtd)
Ht 6 M.Fricke, R.Tungate, T.Kurtz, Z.Keleher (fell)
Ht 7 J.Lidsey, S.Masters, Z.Cook, K.Thompson
Ht 8 C.Holder, J.Stewart, B.Cook, R.Douglas
Ht 9 R.Tungate, R.Douglas, N.Morris, Z.Cook
Ht 10 J.Stewart, M.Fricke, B.Kurtz, J.Lidsey
Ht 11 B.Cook, S.Masters, T.Kurtz, J.Sedgmen
Ht 12 J.Holder, C.Holder, J.Pickering, K.Thompson
Ht 13 J.Stewart, N.Morris, T.Kurtz, K.Thompson
Ht 14 J.Holder, M.Fricke, Z.Cook, B.Cook (fell exc)
Ht 15 S.Masters, R.Douglas, Z.Keleher, B.Kurtz (fell exc)
Ht 16 R.Tungate, C.Holder, J.Lidsey, J.Sedgmen
Ht 17 J.Lidsey, Z.Keleher, N.Morris, B.Cook
Ht 18 M.Fricke, R.Douglas, K.Thompson, J.Sedgmen
Ht 19 R.Tungate, S.Masters, J.Holder, J.Stewart
Ht 20 C.Holder, B.Kurtz, T.Kurtz, Z.Cook
B Final C.Holder, J.Lidsey, S.Masters, J.Holder (fell)
A Final M.Fricke, R.Tungate, C.Holder, J.Stewart (fell exc)

Championship Scorers: 1. M.Fricke (17); 2. R.Tungate (16); 3. C.Holder (12); 4. J.Stewart (12); 5. J.Holder (11); 6. S.Masters (10); 7. J.Lidsey (10); 8. B.Kurtz (8); 9. N.Morris (7); 10. T.Kurtz (6); 11. R.Douglas (6); 12. B.Cook (5); 13. Z.Keleher (5); 14. Z.Cook (3); 15. J.Pickering (1); 16. K.Thompson (1); 17. J.Sedgmen (0)

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