Wednesday November 21, 2018
Garry May confessed to having been "let down" as he informed a gathering of the club's supporters that fans' favourite Charles Wright would not be returning to Somerset in 2019.

May, describing Stockport-based Wright as being "like a son to me" addressed the fans forum on Tuesday night and said "as I promised at the end of the cup final home leg I did everything possible to bring Charles back but unfortunately I have been gazumped! I am extremely disappointed as we spent hours at the AGM discussing points limit and we had to compromise on, what I feel is a hugely restrictive 38 points, as some clubs felt that they needed a lower limit to make it financially viable. We left the meeting and began our team building and I offered Wrighty by all accounts a good deal. A deal that we, Somerset Speedway, would have been able to afford and one that was in line with the levels we had discussed unilaterally at conference. You know, it all looked good. But then we learned that Charles had been offered an even better deal elsewhere and that is just ludicrous."

Whilst the announcement that Wright would not be back was met by an audible sigh of disappointment, the fans attending were soon given a huge boost when the management team released the names of two of their 2019 side.

May received an enthusiastic round of applause when he declared that he had been able to secure the signature of Chris Harris and that was echoed when, at the request of a number of supporters, it was confirmed that Nico Covatti was on his way back to the Oaktree.

When pushed for further names May explained "it will be a good side, I can assure you of that, but I can't say anymore right now because we just have to cross the top bits and dot the others or whatever it is you do!"

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