Tuesday October 23, 2018
With the 2018 'Cases' Rebels season having drawn to a close, fans are reminded that they can re-live many of the memorable moments from the cup-winning campaign.

Our media outlet, hosted and maintained by has undergone a recent make-over but it continues to provide a depository of all official footage, including interviews together with photographs from the sharp-shooting Colin Burnett and Haggis Hartman, from the past three seasons.

The latest addition is 40-minute coverage from the first leg of the SGB Premiership KO Cup final against King's Lynn which includes

Pre meeting interviews with Chris Harris, Dale Allitt, Niels Kristian Iversen & Charles Wright
Rider parade
Both team managers centre green interview
Action shots from heats 1 – 4
Jake Allen centre green interview
Pit shots heat 5 – 7
Garry May centre green interview
Pit shots heats 8 – 9
SFRE centre green presentation to Nico Covatti
Pit & action shots from heats 10 – 14
Debbie Hancock centre green interview
Heat 15 and celebration action shots
Garry May centre green interview
Victory lap
Charles Wright end of meeting interview
Club House interviews with Charles Wright, Nico Covatti and a very open and honest Jason Doyle

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