Saturday September 22, 2018
Jason Doyle consolidated his likely top eight finish in the GP series picking up his second silver medal in as many rounds and finishing the round as leading scorer, although in the rain-affected event in Teterow he had to share that distinction with Tai Woffinden who now surely has one hand firmly on the world title.

The meeting saw both Martin Vaculik (shoulder) and Craig Cook (wrist) withdraw after successive crashes in heat 4. Cook clipped Maciej Janowski's rear-wheel sending the pair of them hurtling towards the air barrier and then in the re-run Vaculik took a fall when sitting third.

Track conditions improved and the racing developed into a tense affair, Doyle adding a second win to his personal tally when leading home Zmarzlik in heat 8. Doyle's third ride yielded nothing but a slide off at the back whilst his fourth earnt him a warning and a further feel of the track surface when he moved early at the start only to be brought down by Pedersen, both riders allowed back for the re-run from which Pedersen triumphed over him.
Doyle completed his programmed rides in the manner he had started, winning from gate four, following that up with a semi-final victory over Woffinden. But the roles were reversed in the medals race, moving Doyle into 6th place in the championship and allowing Woffinden to establish a ten point advantage over Zmarzlik heading to Torun for the final round.

SP: T.Woffinden (16), J.Doyle (16), B.Zmarzlik (15), G.Hancock (12), N.Iversen (12), M.Zagar (12), M.Janowski (9), F.Lindgren (9), N.Pedersen (8), E.Sajfutdinov (8), C.Holder (7), A.Laguta (4), Pr.Pawlicki (3), K.Huckenbeck (2), C.Cook (0), M.Vaculik (0), M.Smolinski (1), K.Wolbert (3)
Championship Standings: T.Woffinden (124); B.Zmarzlik (114); F.Lindgren (98); M.Janowski (98); G.Hancock (93); J.Doyle (86); P.Dudek (84); E.Sajfutdinov (78); A.Laguta (77); M.Zagar (73); N.Pedersen (67); C.Holder (60); M.Vaculik (44); Pr.Pawlicki (35); C.Cook (30); N.Iversen (26); S.Wozniak (8); A.Jonsson (7); K.Kasprzak (7); V.Milik (6); P.Ljung (5)

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