Tuesday September 18, 2018
The 'Cases' Rebels journey to Manchester on Wednesday aware that they are just 39 points away from reaching their first ever top flight final as the knockout cup semi-finals will come to a conclusion.

Having beaten the Belle Vue Aces at the Oaktree last Wednesday with a 52-38 first leg score they know that if they can see the job through at the National Speedway Stadium then they will face up to King's Lynn in the final.

The Rebels go into the meeting off a play-off semi-final performance against Poole that had mixed emotions, gaining a win but only having a slender two point lead going into the second leg at the beginning of next month.

So team manager Garry May will have to rally his troops and whilst acknowledging that they have the armoury of a handy buffer of points behind them he recognises that the task the Rebels face will not be an easy call. "With a good lead it certainly means that Belle Vue will have to come at us from the outset but equally we will be looking at making their task much more difficult by trying to avoid any heat defeats. They need to outpoint us in at least four of the fifteen races as it stands, so the more points we put on the board in the early stages the tougher it will make it for them. That might sound easy but it will be far from that. Whilst I resolutely believe we have the riders to see us through this challenge I also acknowledge that the Aces will be out to prove themselves and they are more than capable, as we saw to our cost when they visited us in the league last month. "

The Aces will be without their German reserve Mark Riss who has returned home early as he has suffered a sap in confidence in recent weeks following a series of crashes that have affected his scores and performances and they will utilise Jonas B Andersen as a guest in an otherwise unchanged line-up from that which contested the Oaktree leg. The Rebels have rejigged their riding order with Nico Covatti and Bradley Wilson-Dean switching positions.

Belle Vue Aces (TM Mark Lemon) 1. Max Fricke (capt), 2. Rider Replacement for Dan Bewley, 3. Steve Worrall, 4. Rohan Tungate, 5. Craig Cook, 6. Dimitri Berge, 7. Jonas B Andersen (Guest)

Somerset Rebels (TM Garry May) 1. Jason Doyle (capt), 2. Nico Covatti, 3. Bradley Wilson-Dean, 4. Richard Lawson, 5. Jack Holder, 6. Jake Allen, 7. Aaron Summers

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