Monday August 27, 2018
The 'Cases' Rebels once again pushed the Pirates all the way as the two clubs locked horns for the third Monday in a row, leaving the Wimborne Road with a consolation point and pondering what might have been as they rallied late in the meeting to give the Neil Middleditch's side a major scare.

A flight delay appeared to have no stress-effect on our world champion Doyley as he stormed to victory in the all Aussie opening heat, the first of five impressive victories for the Rebels number one. With the Somerset foundation built solidly on Doyle, the Pirates had youngster Kacper Woryna as their anchor and he took victories in the next two heats, his reserve ride win being converted to a 5-1 for the home team against the Rebels two guest reserves. Trailing last in that was Tero Aarnio but he looked far more accomplished in heat 3, taking the first of Richard Lawson's rides under the rider replacement facility. With Nico Covatti backing up in third there was no way through for Worrall to score.

Busk Jakobsen likewise improved with his second outing, holding off Chris Harris but it was to be a zero opener for Jack Holder. Doyle's second victory was well supported by Summers as the meeting levelled and then Holder hit the front in heat 6 and withstood the pressure from Kurtz whilst Aarnio recovered from an early overtake by Grajczonek, to re-establish third place

The advantage was short-lived however as Poole hit back with successive 5-1's from heats 7 and 8, opening the door for a tactical ride for Doyle, as partner to Holder. Alas, for the Rebels the result was one of limited success, Doyle taking the win, Holder running off the pace at the back. The revitalised Grajczonek made good a ragged start in heat 10 whilst Kurtz found the line easy enough to pass rider replacement Holder, but ahead of those two was Covatti who was, perhaps, just cursing lightly the fact that his round the board move on the opening lap just failed to take him by the Poole skipper.

Doyle's fourth win was by a huge distance but Busk Jakobsen was blocked out by Harris and Woryna as the Pirates retained their eight point lead. But things were about to get tasty for the Rebels as Aarnio and Covatti stormed to a 5-1 over Jakobsen and Worrall, paving the way for Doyle and Holder to level up proceedings with maximum points from heat 13. Garry May opted for the same pairing in heat 14 that had done the business in 12 but Klindt and Woryna were strong enough to out-gate and out-pace the Rebels duo. Needing a 5-1 to square the match hopes again fell on the shoulders of Doyle and Holder and they both showed out the traps, but Doyle was adjudged to have moved too early and it was all four back ruling for the re-start. That was fairly even and the heat may well have gone the Rebels way had Doyle not hit a rut that caused damage to his ankle and an immediate pull-up on the infield. Holder split the Pirates to ensure a league point whilst Doyle's foot was swelling and the pain evident.

B. Kurtz 2,2,1,0=5
J. Grajczonek 1',0,2',3,1=7+2
R. Worrall 0,1,2,0=3
N. Klindt 0,1',3=4+1
C. Harris 2,2',2,1=7+1
K. Woryna 3,3,3,1',2',3=15+2
F. Jakobsen 2',1',3,1=7+2

J. Doyle 3,3,3,3,3,R=15
A. Summers 0,2',0=2+1
N. Covatti 1',0,2,2',1=6+2
R. Replacement
J. Holder 0,3,0,0,2',2=7+1
T. Aarnio 0,2,1,3,0=6
N. Busk Jakobsen 1,3,1,1,0=6

Ht 1: J. Doyle, B. Kurtz, J. Grajczonek, A. Summers 3-3 3-3 [60.72]
Ht 2: K. Woryna, F. Jakobsen, N. Busk Jakobsen, T. Aarnio 5-1 8-4 [61.03]
Ht 3: K. Woryna, T. Aarnio (RR), N. Covatti, R. Worrall 3-3 11-7 [60.75]
Ht 4: N. Busk Jakobsen, C. Harris, F. Jakobsen, J. Holder 3-3 14-10 [60.44]
Ht 5: J. Doyle, A. Summers, R. Worrall, N. Klindt 1-5 15-15 [60.47]
Ht 6: J. Holder, B. Kurtz, T. Aarnio, J. Grajczonek 2-4 17-19 [61.06]
Ht 7: K. Woryna, C. Harris, N. Busk Jakobsen (RR), N. Covatti 5-1 22-20 [61.07]
Ht 8: F. Jakobsen, J. Grajczonek, N. Busk Jakobsen, A. Summers 5-1 27-21 [61.69]
Ht 9: J. Doyle (TS), R. Worrall, N. Klindt, J. Holder 3-3 30-24 [61.12]
Ht 10: J. Grajczonek, N. Covatti, B. Kurtz, J. Holder (RR) 4-2 34-26 [61.09]
Ht 11: J. Doyle, C. Harris, K. Woryna, N. Busk Jakobsen (RS) 3-3 37-29 [60.62]
Ht 12: T. Aarnio, N. Covatti, F. Jakobsen, R. Worrall 1-5 38-34 [61.44]
Ht 13: J. Doyle, J. Holder, C. Harris, B. Kurtz 1-5 39-39 [61.53]
Ht 14: Klindt, K. Woryna, N. Covatti (RR), T. Aarnio (RS) 5-1 44-40 [61.6]
Ht 15: K. Woryna, J. Holder, J. Grajczonek, J. Doyle (Rtd) 4-2 48-42 [61.21]
Gates: SOMERSET won toss and chose gates 1&3 POOLE took gates 1&3 in heat 15
Referee Ronnie Allan
League Points: Poole 3 Somerset 1

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