Saturday July 21, 2018
World Champion Jason Doyle suffered an horrendous crash in heat 20 of the British GP on a night he will want to forget, having scored just three points prior to the crash. He was awarded second place after referee disqualified Robert Lambert, who also endured a very tough night on the world stage

The full extent of Jason's injuries are unknown at this time.

The meeting was won by Polish star Bartosz Zmarzlik who outgated championship leader Tai Woffinden in the final with Maciej Janowski holding off Greg Hancock for third place

Ht.1 T.Woffinden,Pr.Pawlicki,F.Lindgren,M.Zagar
Ht.2 M.Janowski,C.Holder,A.Laguta,D.Bewley (Lambert exc 2mins)
Ht.3 M.Vaculik,N.Pedersen,J.Doyle,G.Hancock
Ht.4 B.Zmarzlik,E.Sajfutdinov,P.Dudek,C.Cook
Ht.5 E.Sajfutdinov,N.Pedersen,T.Woffinden,R.Lambert (fell exc)
Ht.6 C.Cook,F.Lindgren,C.Holder,M.Vaculik
Ht.7 B.Zmarzlik,Pr.Pawlicki,J.Doyle,M.Janowski (fell exc)
Ht.8 G.Hancock,P.Dudek,M.Zagar,A.Laguta
Ht.9 T.Woffinden,P.Dudek,C.Holder,J.Doyle
Ht.10 G.Hancock,B.Zmarzlik,F.Lindgren,R.Lambert
Ht.11 C.Cook,Pr.Pawlicki,A.Laguta,N.Pedersen
Ht.12 M.Janowski,E.Sajfutdinov,M.Zagar,M.Vaculik (fell)
Ht.13 C.Cook,G.Hancock,T.Woffinden,M.Janowski
Ht.14 A.Laguta,F.Lindgren,J.Doyle,E.Sajfutdinov
Ht.15 P.Dudek,Pr.Pawlicki,R.Lambert (fell exc),M.Vaculik (rtd)
Ht.16 B.Zmarzlik,N.Pedersen,M.Zagar,C.Holder
Ht.17 T.Woffinden,B.Zmarzlik,A.Laguta,M.Vaculik (rtd)
Ht.18 M.Janowski,P.Dudek,F.Lindgren,N.Pedersen (rtd)
Ht.19 C.Holder,G.Hancock,Pr.Pawlicki,E.Sajfutdinov
Ht.20 M.Zagar,J.Doyle,R.Lambert,C.Cook (fell exc)
Ht.21 B.Zmarzlik,M.Janowski,Pr.Pawlicki,P.Dudek
Ht.22 T.Woffinden,G.Hancock,E.Sajfutdinov,C.Cook (rtd)
Ht.23 B.Zmarzlik,T.Woffinden,M.Janowski,G.Hancock

Scorers: B.Zmarzlik (19), T.Woffinden (16), G.Hancock (12), M.Janowski (12), P.Dudek (10), Pr.Pawlicki (10), C.Cook (9), E.Sajfutdinov (8), C.Holder (7), F.Lindgren (7), N.Pedersen (6), A.Laguta (6), M.Zagar (6), J.Doyle (5), M.Vaculik (3), R.Lambert (1), D.Bewley (0), J.Garrity (0)

Championship Standings: T.Woffinden (81); F.Lindgren (61); M.Janowski (59); E.Sajfutdinov (56); B.Zmarzlik (55); G.Hancock (53); A.Laguta (47); P.Dudek (46); J.Doyle (40); C.Holder (38); M.Zagar (34); N.Pedersen (31); Pr.Pawlicki (24); C.Cook (18); N.Iversen (9); A.Jonsson (7); K.Kasprzak (7); M.Vaculik (7); V.Milik (6); M.Jepsen Jensen (4); M.Michelsen (1)

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