Friday July 20, 2018
If the appertizer is anything to go by, then the main course of the speedway feast , the British GP, should be a joy to uphold, for the 2018 SGB Championship Pairs meeting on Friday night was an enthralling event.

With Christina Turnbull expertly moving the meeting on at a pace the all-action, high octane Highbridge affair was fast, furious and fascinating.
The Championship stars, many far from being strangers at the Somerset raceway, gave 23 heats of quality racing culminating in two former Rebels, Kyle Howarth and Charles Wright running out winners, giving Sheffield their second pairs triumph in as many seasons.
In the final, the Tigers pair outpointed Workington's Ty Proctor and Nicolai Klindt for the second time as they both progressed through from Group B, Shefffield topping the group on 22 points and Workington (20) edging out Redcar by virtue of their heat 10 5-4 result.
Peterborough (Scott Nicholls & Michael Palm-Toft) were declared group A winners on 21 points the same tally as Lakeside (Nick Morris and Rebel Richard Lawson), both qualifying for the semi-finals.
Maximum heat scores (7-2) were claimed by Workington over Peterborough and Sheffield over Lakeside to set up a re-run of heat 20 where the two sides had met previously and whilst Ty Proctor took the chequered flag the 4-3-2-0 scoring system went in favour of the Tigers.
The present-day Rebels had mixed fortunes throughout the night with Jake Allen scoring 9 points for Scunthorpe, in their total of 14; Richard Lawson 13 in Lakesides qualifying rides before finishing last in the semi-final; Aaron Summers scored 9 of Berwick's 14 and Nico Covatti claimed just one race win for Ipswich scoring 4 of the Witches 19.

PETERBOROUGH 21: Michael Palm Toft 15, Scott Nicholls 6
LAKESIDE 21: Richard Lawson 13, Nick Morris 8
EDINBURGH 20: Ricky Wells 12, Erik Riss 8
SCUNTHORPE 14: Jake Allen 9, Josh Auty 5
BERWICK 14: Aaron Summers 9, Kevin Doolan 5

SHEFFIELD 22: Charles Wright 12, Kyle Howarth 10
WORKINGTON 20: Nicolai Klindt 12, Ty Proctor 8
REDCAR 20: Ben Barker 10, Thomas Jorgensen 10
IPSWICH 19: Rory Schlein 15, Nico Covatti 4
GLASGOW 9: Chris Harris 5, Paul Starke 4

Semi-final 1: Workington beat Peterborough 7-2
Semi-final 2: Sheffield beat Lakeside 7-2
Final: Sheffield beat Workington 5-4

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