Tuesday July 10, 2018
For th first time in the club's history, the 'Cases' Rebels presently sit proudly at the top of the country's highest level of team speedway.

Their victory at Wolverhampton on Monday night - the first time ever the club has gained any form of success at Monmore Green - coupled with Swindon failing to gain any points from their trek to Belle Vue has given the Rebels a one-point lead at the top of the SGB Premiership table.

The club only enrolled at the highest level of the British sport last season and have reached the pinnacle within a season and a half, an achievement that has delighted team manager Garry May.

"You can't help but be proud to be top of the league, even though we have only just reached the halfway stage as far as this season's fixtures are concerned. The hard work starts now though as we look to try and stay there during the course of our remaining 12 league matches. I said from the very beginning of the season that our first focus must be to reach the play-offs this year and it would be a lot less stressful if we could cement our place in them because we were top of the table rather than scrambling for points from our final league matches. We can enjoy the next few days however as there aren't any Premiership league matches now until Monday when we travel to Belle Vue on Monday."

May was referring to the fact that all three of Wednesday's scheduled Premiership fixtures have been postponed because of the World Cup semi-final between England and Croatia and on the night the Rebels go to Manchester, Swindon, currently a point behind, head for Wolverhampton whilst Leicester and King's Lynn also meet.

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