Saturday June 30, 2018
Jason Doyle suffered a disqualification in the final of the third GP round of 2018 in Horsens, Denmark, having battled hard to make the last four.

From his programmed rides, the defending world champion amassed 10 points, which had started with a second place behind home favourite Nicki Pedersen in heat one, but that was a ride that was to come back and hit him. For he had moved at the start and picked up a retrospective warning from the referee, which under rules meant he had to carry that for the remainder of the meeting.

In the semi-final stages Doyle ran a second place to Tai Woffinden and that victory ensured the Brit had first pick of the gates, unsurprisingly opting for the much favoured inside line. Doyle thought he had second guessed the gate picks and went to the selection area wearing his yellow race jacket, fully expecting to be left with gate 4, but veteran Greg Hancock proved the 'experts' wrong and decided he would try his luck from the outside, Doyle therefore going for gate 2.

He knew he had to be sharp out of the tapes and he just let the clutch go a fraction early, and although he avoided touching the tapes themselves, that warning came into play and he was disqualified leaving him with a series total of 26 points which leaves him in 8th place in the standings.

Woffinden went on to complete his second GP win of this year's championship as he seeks a third world title and now holds a 10 point lead over pre-meeting leader Freddie Lindgren who missed the cut for the semis when Woffinden past him in heat 20 just as it looked as though the Swede had done enough to salvage an extra ride. As with Doyle it was a tapes offence that proved costly for Lindgren as he went into the tapes in heat 10, a race from which Doyle collected his second race win of the series (his third one coming in heat 18).

Round Scores T.Woffinden (18); G.Hancock (16); A.Laguta (12); J.Doyle (12); N.Pedersen (12); E.Sajfutdinov (11); B.Zmarzlik (10); C.Holder (9); F.Lindgren (7); P.Dudek (6); Pr.Pawlicki (5); M.Zagar (5); M.Janowski (5); M.Jepsen Jensen (4); M.Vaculik (3); C.Cook (2); M.Michelsen (1)

Championship Standings T.Woffinden (49); F.Lindgren (39); E.Sajfutdinov (34); A.Laguta (33); G.Hancock (31); P.Dudek (30); M.Janowski (29); J.Doyle (26); C.Holder (24); B.Zmarzlik (23); N.Pedersen (22); M.Zagar (21); Pr.Pawlicki (13); N.Iversen (9); K.Kasprzak (7); V.Milik (6); C.Cook (6); M.Jepsen Jensen (4); M.Vaculik (3); M.Michelsen (1); B.Smektala (0); M.Drabik (0)

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