Tuesday June 26, 2018
The buzz around Wimborne Road, Poole on Wednesday night will be “Jack’s Back” and Rebels’ fans will be hoping that it will be the Poole riders who see most of Jack’s back when 22 year old Jack Holder rolls up at the home of his parent club for the first time since his winter move to the Rebels.

Holder, who was Somerset's top scorer in the first leg back in May  with a 12 point return, is eager to play his part as Somerset seek to defend their 14 point advantage from the first leg of the Knockout Cup quarter final, and the awesome Aussie is sure to have the spotlight on him when he lines-up for the Rebels in Dorset.
He has continued to prove himself as an able performer since joining Somerset, as he demonstrated a week ago against the Pirates when the two sides met in league combat and he again fired in a double figure return, dropping just one point on that occasion.
With a healthy first leg lead and number one Jason Doyle having already shown his liking for the Poole circuit when he triumphed in some fashion at the Wimborne Road-staged Premiership League Riders championship last month, the Rebels will have high expectations of proceeding into the semi-finals, although team boss Garry May is warning against any complacency.
"We are not there yet, it is only half-time, as they say, and the Pirates are the sort of side to raise their game immensely when the chips are down. We will be going into this meeting as we do with any other with the intention of trying to win it, but that said we need to be sensible about it and not throw any silly points away by taking unnecessary risks."
"They have got riders with immense potential around there, especially,  and if they click and get off to a good start then it will make things tricky for us. I am taking absolutely nothing for granted and will be making sure the lads adopt the same approach."
Whilst Somerset were being held to a league draw on Monday night by King's Lynn, the Pirates were picking up a point at Belle Vue to add to the point they grabbed at the Oak Tree last Wednesday.
The Rebels make the short trip to Dorset without Claus Vissing who is racing in Denmark and so rider replacement will be in operation, and with the Dane currently second in the Rebels' averages it means May has all the other six to choose from when allocating the extra rides.
Poole:- Brady Kurtz, Linus Sundstrom, Richie Worrall, Nicolai Klindt, Josh Grajczonek (Capt), Mateusz Szcepaniak, Kacper Woryna Team manager: Neil Middleditch
Somerset: Jason Doyle (Capt), Rider Replacement for Claus Vissing, Bradley Wilson-Dean, Richard Lawson, Jack Holder, Jake Allen, Nico Covatti Team manager: Garry May

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