Monday June 18, 2018
SOMERSET 'Cases' Rebels have released stalwart performer Charles Wright from contract and, subject to approval by the governing body of the sport, will bring back former Rebel Claus Vissing.

Fans-favourite Wright was in his sixth consecutive season as a ‘Cases’ Rebel but the club announced that they had been placed in a situation where they could no longer work with the 29-year-old Stockport born rider.

Co-promoter and team manager Garry May admitted “Making any team changes is never a nice part of the job of team manager and when it involves a club stalwart it becomes an even tougher call.
"I will be totally honest and say that reaching the decision to release Charles Wright was one I never thought I would have to contemplate, but, unfortunately certain things happened last week that meant I found myself in an untenable position if I left things as they were.
“As team manager, it is of utmost importance to have the respect of the riders that one works with and whilst I am not claiming all decisions I make are always the right ones, any that I do make I expect to be honoured by the riders. I do sympathise with riders when I ask them to sit out a race, as I fully understand that it can cost them points money, however my job is to act in the best interests of the team and if strategically and tactically pulling a rider out in favour of another would be for the betterment of team in trying to get results then, as manager, I need to be able to do that and it should be accepted as part of being team member.
“Charles didn’t see things in the same way and sadly we reached an impasse with the situation and I had to do something to maintain a team-spirit. I have said many times before, a successful team is born out of a happy team and I felt that I could just not risk losing the character of the majority of our team and so had to look elsewhere.

In a second move, the club have also axed reserve Jonas Jeppesen but May was quick to point out that the two changes were unrelated. “I would like to make it absolutely clear that asking Jonas to stand down was totally unrelated to the affairs of last Wednesday and it too was a very tough one to make as I have a good deal of respect for Jonas and I would like to think that this won't necessarily be the last time we work together. But unfortunately for various reasons Jonas has not had as much track time as he really needs, and I felt that as a consequence he hasn’t been able to progress as much as we would have liked.
“When I sat down and looked at our strengths and weaknesses I just felt we needed a bit more depth at the bottom end, especially as we have put ourselves in a good position to seriously challenge for the play-offs, and the extra experience that Nico Covatti brings could work in our favour.
“So, besides Nico ready to make his debut, we also have Claus Vissing back amongst the ranks and hopefully they will both settle in fairly quickly. The pair of them were very keen to join the Rebels when I spoke to them and I am looking forward to having them in the side and unitedly we can all focus on the job in hand of continuing to strive for success with the Rebels.”

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