Saturday June 16, 2018
JONAS JEPPESEN's quest to progress in the FIM World U21 championships faltered in Vetlanda, Sweden on Saturday afternoon.

The Rebels' young Dane suffered a retirement in his opening ride and then could only must 7 points from his remaining four outings, leaving him well adrift of the four qualifiers who were led by Russian Speedway of Nations reserve Gleb Czugonow, Dominic Kubera and British hopeful Dan Bewley who all scored 13 points in the heats. Joining that trio in the finals, a series to be run over three rubbers in Latvia, Poland and Czech Republic, was Frederik Jakobsen.

Vetlanda scorers: G.Czugonow 13, D.Kubera 13, D.Bewley 13, F.Jakobsen 12, F.Hjelmand 11, J.Kling 11, L.Becker 7, J.Jeppesen 7, D.Moeser 6, N.Greaves 6, A.Karlsson 5, L.Fredriksen 5, D.Kurmis 5, K.Thompson 4, H.Ahlbom 1, E.Avgucevics 0, Reserves C.Selvin 2, W.Bjoerling DNR

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