Monday May 28, 2018
The 'Cases' Somerset Rebels were given a lesson in gating by second-placed Swindon Robins who racked up a 26 point victory on the night in this Bank Holiday Derby clash.

It was a sorry night for the Rebels, as only Jason Doyle, with three, and Bradley Wilson-Dean (one) being able to secure race wins for the visitors - three of those were supported by fellow Rebels scoring to give the visitors heat advantages. Lawson finished third in heat 4 which Wilson-Dean won; Charles Wright doing likewise to Doyle's heat 12 victory and then Jack Holder partnering the Rebels' number one to closing, consolation 5-1 with a good passing move on Batchelor after Doyle had clamped the Robin down.

Team manager Garry May was lost for words at the end of the night "What can you say? They were gating we were not and if you don't gate here then you are fighting a losing battle more so than at many other tracks. It is a difficult one to pass on and we were just too sluggish and left ourselves far too much to do. I look at this result and performance and begin to wonder whether we are strong enough away from home."

The Rebels face another test on Wednesday when they travel to King's Lynn and will do so without the presence of Jonas Jeppesen who has been recalled for a Danish fixture. "It's a bit frustrating to be honest" said May, "Jonas has been called up in place of Michael Palm-Toft - and we will be facing MPT in the Lynn side. Trying to find a suitable guest is proving to be a nightmare at the moment although I hope to sort something out Tuesday morning."

N. Morris 3,2',3,3=11+1
A. Ellis 2',3,3,1=9+1
T. Batchelor 2',1',3,2,1=9+2
D. Bellego 3,2,2',3=10+1
T. Musielak 2,3,3,1,0=9
Z. Wajtknecht 3,1,2',2',2'=10+3
J. Smith 0,0,0=0

J. Doyle 1,3,R,3,2,3=12
J. Allen 0,0,1=1
C. Wright 1,0,0,1=2
J. Holder 0,2,2,1,2'=7+1
R. Lawson 1,1,1,0=3
J. Jeppesen 1',0,0=1+1
B. Wilson-Dean 2,3,1,0,0=6

Ht 1: N. Morris, A. Ellis, J. Doyle, J. Allen 5-1 5-1
Ht 2: Z. Wajtknecht, B. Wilson-Dean, J. Jeppesen, J. Smith 3-3 8-4
Ht 3: D. Bellego, T. Batchelor, C. Wright, J. Holder 5-1 13-31
Ht 4: B. Wilson-Dean, T. Musielak, R. Lawson, J. Smith 2-4 15-9
Ht 5: J. Doyle, D. Bellego, T. Batchelor, J. Allen 3-3 18-12
Ht 6: A. Ellis, N. Morris, R. Lawson, J. Jeppesen 5-1 23-13
Ht 7: T. Musielak, J. Holder, Z. Wajtknecht, C. Wright 4-2 27-15
Ht 8: A. Ellis, Z. Wajtknecht (RS), B. Wilson-Dean, J. Jeppesen (RS) 5-1 32-16
Ht 9: T. Batchelor, D. Bellego, R. Lawson, B. Wilson-Dean (RS) 5-1 37-17
Ht 10: N. Morris, J. Holder, A. Ellis, C. Wright 4-2 41-19
Ht 11: T. Musielak, Z. Wajtknecht, J. Allen, J. Doyle (Rtd) 5-1 46-20
Ht 12: J. Doyle (TS), T. Batchelor, C. Wright, J. Smith 2-4 48-24
Ht 13: N. Morris, J. Doyle, T. Musielak, R. Lawson 4-2 52-26
Ht 14: Bellego, Z. Wajtknecht, J. Holder, B. Wilson-Dean 5-1 57-27
Ht 15: J. Doyle, J. Holder, T. Batchelor, T. Musielak 1-5 58-32

Referee Graham Reeve
League Points: Swindon 3 Somerset 0

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