Saturday May 26, 2018
Reigning World Champion Jason Doyle lost his two-year grip on the Czech GP as he was eliminated at the semi-final stage, netting 9 points on the night to move on to a series total of 14, just one outside of a top eight placing but 18 off the championship leader, Freddie Lindgren who bettered his Warsaw bronze by taking gold in Prague and joint top-scoring with Tai Woffinden in the round.

Doyle's route to those semi's were not without drama as, after running an opening third place in which he needed to shrug off eventual silver medalist Patryk Dudek, he gained a warning in his second outing for anticipating the start, a disciplinary marker that he had to carry throughout the remainder of his evening. He made a better start in heat 10 and led for three and three quarter laps but trying to seal off Zagar's likely outside move the Slovenian switched to the inside run and stole the win.

On a night of scarce overtaking Doyle made a majestic move to sweep by Pedersen on the opening lap of heat 16, finding the smallest of gaps to exploit to complete his first ever GP race win as a bona-fide Somerset Rebel!

He was held back into third place in the very next heat making it a tense wait as the results of others would confirm his fate. Thankfully his 8 point tally was sufficient to make the cut and into the first semi-final he went.

Again, he failed to make the best of starts but was given a second chance when Nicki Pedersen went down under pressure from Lindgren who had cleverly switched to make an inside move rather than sweep the outside, as Pedersen was probably expecting.
Doyle was sharper in the re-start but couldn't match the speed of the two riders who were topping the scores at the start of the meeting, and so it was that Woffinden and Lindgren progressed to the final.

They were joined by world number 2 Patryk Dudek and Russian Emil Sajfutdinov after Maciej Janowski was harshly disqualified in the second semi-final. Lindgren made a determined move to block out Woffinden, from which the Warsaw winner pulled up, and then went in pursuit of Dudek. The Pole must have felt that he had done enough to claim a second GP victory but Lindgren timed his assault to perfection, getting the run off the final turn, and, just yards from the line, sped by Dudek to bank his third GP title.

Fredrik Lindgren 16 (1st), Patryk Dudek 14 (2nd), Emil Sayfutdinov 15 (3rd), Tai Woffinden 16 (4th), Maciej Janowski 11, Jason Doyle 9, Nicki Pedersen 8, Artem Laguta 8, Matej Zagar 7, Greg Hancock 7, Vaclav Milik 6, Niels-Kristian Iversen 5, Przemyslaw Pawlicki 5, Chris Holder 5, Bartosz Zmarzlik 4, Craig Cook 2.

Ht.1 T.Woffinden,F.Lindgren,N.Iversen,V.Milik
Ht.2 E.Sajfutdinov,C.Cook,C.Holder,Pr.Pawlicki
Ht.3 N.Pedersen,A.Laguta,M.Zagar,B.Zmarzlik
Ht.4 M.Janowski,G.Hancock,J.Doyle,P.Dudek
Ht.5 Pr.Pawlicki,F.Lindgren,G.Hancock,N.Pedersen (rtd)
Ht.6 V.Milik,P.Dudek,C.Holder,A.Laguta
Ht.7 T.Woffinden,B.Zmarzlik,J.Doyle,C.Cook
Ht.8 M.Janowski,E.Sajfutdinov,M.Zagar,N.Iversen
Ht.9 M.Janowski,C.Holder,F.Lindgren,B.Zmarzlik
Ht.10 M.Zagar,J.Doyle,Pr.Pawlicki,V.Milik
Ht.11 T.Woffinden,E.Sajfutdinov,P.Dudek,N.Pedersen (rtd)
Ht.12 N.Iversen,A.Laguta,G.Hancock,C.Cook
Ht.13 P.Dudek,F.Lindgren,M.Zagar,C.Cook
Ht.14 E.Sajfutdinov,V.Milik,G.Hancock,B.Zmarzlik
Ht.15 A.Laguta,T.Woffinden,Pr.Pawlicki,M.Janowski
Ht.16 J.Doyle,N.Pedersen,C.Holder,N.Iversen
Ht.17 F.Lindgren,E.Sajfutdinov,J.Doyle,A.Laguta
Ht.18 N.Pedersen,M.Janowski,V.Milik,C.Cook
Ht.19 T.Woffinden,G.Hancock,M.Zagar,C.Holder
Ht.20 P.Dudek,B.Zmarzlik,N.Iversen,Pr.Pawlicki (rtd)
Ht.21 F.Lindgren,T.Woffinden,J.Doyle,N.Pedersen (fell dq)
Ht.22 P.Dudek,E.Sajfutdinov,A.Laguta,M.Janowski (fell dq)
Ht.23 F.Lindgren,P.Dudek,E.Sajfutdinov,T.Woffinden (rtd)

Fredrik Lindgren 32, Tai Woffinden 31, Patryk Dudek 24, Maciej Janowski 24, Emil Sayfutdinov 23, Artem Laguta 21, Matej Zagar 16, Chris Holder 15, Greg Hancock 15, Jason Doyle 14, Bartosz Zmarzlik 13, Nicki Pedersen 10, Niels-Kristian Iversen 9, Przemyslaw Pawlicki 8, Krzysztof Kasprzak 7, Vaclav Milik 6, Craig Cook 4, Maksym Drabik 2, Bartosz Smektala 2.

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