Thursday May 17, 2018
The Management team at SOMERSET SPEEDWAY wishes to publicly apologise to our supporters for the on-going track issues that we are currently experiencing.

Here at Somerset we pride ourselves on having one of the best stages in the country for the riders to perform on.

For a number of seasons we have received many accolades from riders, team managers, promoters and referees alike in respect of our track and we genuinely strive to maintain those standards.

After last night's meeting was completed the management team called an emergency meeting to try and resolve our current issues, which essentially rests with the material that we have been supplied with.

In simplistic terms, the shale is of a different consistency that we had previous and is not binding well enough. When the riders did their track walk last night the surface appeared to be ok but once the racing began it became evident that the shale was just breaking-up and causing major safety fears for them.

We can assure all our supporters that we are doing our very best to address these issues and whilst we fully understand the frustrations you all have - because honestly we have those very same frustrations - we would just like to appeal for your patience during this inevitable transition time.

Whilst we are a promotion team that is always ready and willing to listen to our supporters, some of the comments and allegations made against the management last night were far from acceptable and in some instances extremely rude, personal and disturbing and we would politely ask people to refrain from such abuse.

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