Monday May 14, 2018
Team manager Garry May put the Rebels' 14-point defeat by Wolverhampton down to "too many niggling little things going against us", after the 'Cases' Somerset Rebels lost 38-52 to the Black Country club on Monday night.

"We had Shanesy [James Shanes] falling whilst leading, then Bradders [Bradley Wilson-Dean] getting disqualified in one and then Doyley falling in the last race. Considering that we went into the last heat still with a chance of a point I don't think we did too bad. I can't see many teams going to Wolves and coming away with much so I shouldn't be too disappointed."

The Rebels opened with a 4-2 advantage but were soon chasing the meeting after Shanes spun out in heat 2 turning a possible shared heat into maximum home points . Charles Wright cleverly divided Schlein and Heeps in the third before Wilson-Dean earned a disqualification as primary cause of bringing Sam Masters down in heat 4. Richard Lawson fought a lone Rebel battle well to win the re-run. Schlein made it two from two as Doyle missed the gate and had to spend time working his way through the field in heat 5 before the next three heats were shared, Lawson also becoming a two-time winner.
A tactical substitute outing for Doyle didn’t go to plan in heat 9 as Schlein again got away fast, but few had expected Heeps to pass the Rebels number one in the manner in which he did so to put the home side's lead into double figures. Thorssell and Howarth inflicted more pain on the Rebels with a gating show but then Doyle replicated his heat 1 score with victory in the 11th.
The same 14 point margin was in place when Doyle took to the track again in heat 13 and win number three was in the making as he passed Thorssell. Behind was Lawson in third so the deficit was trimmed back to 12. Holder ended Schlein's unbeaten run and guest James Shanes filled the third place slot and just 10 points separated the two sides giving the Rebels an outside chance of a point. But a Doyle fall on the first bend of the second lap of the re-run of heat 15 ended those hopes and Wolves went on to get the 5-1 themselves.

Wolverhampton 52
J. Thorssell 2,2,3,2,2'=11+1
K. Howarth R,1',3,2'=6+2
C. Heeps 1,1,2',3=7+1
R. Schlein 3,3,3,2,3=14
S. Masters 2,3,2,0=7
N. Greaves 3,FD,1',0=4+1
A. Morris 2',1',R,0=3+2

J. Doyle 3,2,1,3,3,FD=12
J. Allen 1,0,1',0=2+1
C. Wright 2,1',0,2=5+1
J. Holder 0,2,1,3=6
R. Lawson 3,3,0,1,1=8
B. Wilson-Dean 1,XD,2,1'=4+1
J. Shanes F,0,1=1

Ht 1: J. Doyle, J. Thorssell, J. Allen, K. Howarth (Rtd) 2-4 2-4
Ht 2: N. Greaves, A. Morris, B. Wilson-Dean, J. Shanes (Fell) 5-1 7-5
Ht 3: R. Schlein, C. Wright, C. Heeps, J. Holder 4-2 11-31
Ht 4: R. Lawson, S. Masters, A. Morris, B. Wilson-Dean (D/Q) 3-3 14-10
Ht 5: R. Schlein, J. Doyle, C. Heeps, J. Allen 4-2 18-12
Ht 6: R. Lawson, J. Thorssell, K. Howarth, J. Shanes 3-3 21-15
Ht 7: S. Masters, J. Holder, C. Wright, N. Greaves (Fell d/q) 3-3 24-18
Ht 8: K. Howarth, B. Wilson-Dean, J. Allen, A. Morris (Rtd) 3-3 27-21
Ht 9: R. Schlein, C. Heeps, J. Doyle (TS), R. Lawson 5-1 32-22
Ht 10: J. Thorssell, K. Howarth, J. Holder, C. Wright 5-1 37-23
Ht 11: J. Doyle, S. Masters, N. Greaves, J. Allen 3-3 40-26
Ht 12: C. Heeps, C. Wright, B. Wilson-Dean, A. Morris 3-3 43-29
Ht 13: J. Doyle, J. Thorssell, R. Lawson, S. Masters 2-4 45-33
Ht 14: Holder, R. Schlein, J. Shanes, N. Greaves 2-4 47-37
Ht 15: R. Schlein, J. Thorssell, R. Lawson, J. Doyle (Fell d/q) 5-1 52-38

Referee Chris Gay

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