Saturday May 12, 2018
JASON DOYLE's first GP since being crowned World Champion was one fuelled with obstacles and he could only begin his title defence with 5 points from Warsaw.

The night couldn't have begun any worse as he suffered a harsh disqualification in the opening heat. Holding a tight inside course and never deviating off his line, Doyle had Pawlicki marginally ahead of him when contact was made which had the referee believing that the cause of the race stoppage rested firmly at Doyley's door.
That left him having to sit out the action until his heat 8 appearance and he opened his account with second place, unable to stop veteran Greg Hancock from passing him.
Further problems beset the Rebels number one when he infringed at the tapes in heat 12 earning him a disqualification and a warning that would remain in-situ for the remainder of the night. Doyle made a sluggish start in his fourth ride but the race was halted when Nicki Pedersen couldn't hold on after hitting a deep area of dirt, forcing a re-start without him. Doyle was sharper at the second attempt but Janowski was quicker away and then Sajftutdinov added further misery to Doyle's evening by taking advantage when the defending champ drifted too wide.
That left Doyle with no hope of making the semi-final cut but he finished his night with a second place in an incident packed heat 20 that saw numerous positional changes.
The meeting was eventually won by Tai Woffinden, who after 10 points from his heats kept his nerve in the final to battle back after having surrendered the lead to Maciej Janowski and finish the night with 15 points. Freddie Lindgren leads the series on 16 point having finished third in the final

Ht.1 M.Zagar,T.Woffinden,Pr.Pawlicki,J.Doyle (exc)
Ht.2 K.Kasprzak,P.Dudek,M.Janowski,C.Cook
Ht.3 A.Laguta,F.Lindgren,N.Pedersen,G.Hancock (fell rem)
Ht.4 B.Zmarzlik,C.Holder,N.Iversen,E.Sajfutdinov
Ht.5 K.Kasprzak,C.Holder,N.Pedersen,M.Zagar
Ht.6 A.Laguta,M.Janowski,B.Zmarzlik,Pr.Pawlicki
Ht.7 F.Lindgren,P.Dudek,E.Sajfutdinov,T.Woffinden
Ht.8 G.Hancock,J.Doyle,C.Cook,N.Iversen
Ht.9 F.Lindgren,M.Janowski,N.Iversen,M.Zagar
Ht.10 E.Sajfutdinov,G.Hancock,Pr.Pawlicki,K.Kasprzak (fell exc)
Ht.11 B.Zmarzlik,T.Woffinden,C.Cook,N.Pedersen (rtd)
Ht.12 A.Laguta,C.Holder,P.Dudek,M.Drabik (J.Doyle tapes exc)
Ht.13 M.Zagar,P.Dudek,G.Hancock,B.Zmarzlik
Ht.14 C.Holder,B.Smektala,F.Lindgren,C.Cook (Pr.Pawlicki tapes exc)
Ht.15 T.Woffinden,N.Iversen,K.Kasprzak,A.Laguta
Ht.16 M.Janowski,E.Sajfutdinov,J.Doyle,N.Pedersen (fell exc)
Ht.17 M.Zagar,E.Sajfutdinov,A.Laguta,C.Cook
Ht.18 P.Dudek,M.Drabik,Pr.Pawlicki,N.Iversen (N.Pedersen NS)
Ht.19 T.Woffinden,G.Hancock,M.Janowski,C.Holder
Ht.20 F.Lindgren,J.Doyle,B.Zmarzlik,K.Kasprzak
Ht.21 F.Lindgren,M.Janowski,C.Holder,P.Dudek
Ht.22 A.Laguta,T.Woffinden,B.Zmarzlik,M.Zagar
Ht.23 T.Woffinden,M.Janowski,F.Lindgren,A.Laguta

Championship Standings F.Lindgren 16; T.Woffinden 15; A.Laguta 13; M.Janowski 13; C.Holder 10; P.Dudek 10; B.Zmarzlik 9; M.Zagar 9; E.Sajfutdinov 8; G.Hancock 8; K.Kasprzak 7; J.Doyle 5; N.Iversen 4; Pr.Pawlicki 3; N.Pedersen 2; C.Cook 2; B.Smektala 2; M.Drabik 2

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