Saturday March 31, 2018
CHARLES Wright finished second in the Cumberland Open Championship at Workington on Easter Saturday.

One of a few meetings to actually beat the rain-soaked Easter weekend so far, Charles was a late inclusion in the line-up, replacing Ty Proctor.
Our long-serving Rebel scored 12 points as Rory Schlein won the event with 13.

Rory Schlein 13, Charles Wright 12, Kyle Howarth 12, Ricky Wells 11, Dan Bewley 9, Scott Nicholls 9, Mason Campton 9, Claus Vissing 8, Ulrich Ostergaard 8, Rene Bach 8, Nicolai Klindt 7, Kyle Bickley 4, Rasmus Jensen 4, Theo Pijper 3, Simon Lambert 1, Max Ruml 0.

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