Thursday March 29, 2018
Fans, sponsors and media that attended the "Introduction of the Rebels" at the Oaktree Arena on Wednesday evening also witnessed the 'retirement' of the club's long standing Press Officer and Programme Editor Ian Belcher.

To mark the sterling work and dedication that Ian has given over many years, the 2018 Rebels, on behalf of the club management and staff, presented Ian with a mounted Jason Doyle saddle that had been been signed by the world champion himself.

Whilst Ian, who has been an ever-present at Somerset speedway since it was born in 2000, is retiring from the Press and programme duties he has diligently undertaken since 2004 he will continue to be a regular at the OakTree on race nights. A surprised Ian admitted "I took the decision to step down with a heavy heart for it has been a labour of love, but since my health scare a couple of years ago and with more recent family health issues to contend with, I came to the conclusion that now was the right time to hang up my keyboard, so to speak."

Promoter Debbie Hancock said afterwards "when Ian told me of his decision I was truly devastated. He has been a true brick. A brilliant right-hand man and he has always gone about his work in a methodical and reliable fashion and there just aren't the right words to describe how appreciative we all are of Ian here at Somerset speedway. I fully recognise his reasons behind his decision but I am also delighted to know that he will still be around in the background. It is people like Ian that make a club and he certainly is one of the best."

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