Monday March 26, 2018
Somerset 'Cases' Rebels suffered a narrow defeat in their opening meeting of the 2018 season, going down at Leicester by a 46-44 scoreline.

Rebels team manager Garry May admitted afterwards "We ran them close and it was one of those meetings that could have gone either way but I can have no complaints with the way the lads rode. There were plenty of good signs with all the riders earning at least one paid win each, apart from Jonas (Jeppesen) but he had a good solid debut and showed me enough to believe that he will win races once he gets used to the British tracks"

With a 4-2 from the opening heat through Jason Doyle and Jake Allen the lead was protected when Bradley Wilson-Dean showed plenty of class to win heat 2. Jeppesen had found himself in a good position but misjudged the fourth turn and lost ground. After Leicester crept in to the lead with a 5-1 as Holder suffered plug problems Rebels levelled through another superb ride from Wilson-Dean this time with Lawson supporting for a point.
Somerset quickly opened up a six point advantage but two 5-1's for the home side inched them ahead before Holder and Wright combined for maximum points to go two points clear again. That was trumped when Andersen made a third to first move, catching Doyle unawares and with 11 heats gone the meeting was again all square.
Andersen again took points off Doyle in heat 13 as the world champion missed the gate and it was left to Lawson to contribute for the visitors. Leicester extended the lead when Pieszczek won heat 14 from Holder and Wilson-Dean unable to close in on Sargeant. That left the Rebels needing maximum points from the final heat to draw. Doyle produced the win but Lawson could find no way by Andersen.

Debutant Jeppesen was happy enough with his night's work "It was a bit scary as it was my first time on the bike this year and my first time in England so I was just glad I didnt do anything stupid out there and got a few points on my way. I think I had more and more speed as the meeting went on. It was a bit tricky getting the set-ups right but I'm happy, really really happy."

Leicester 46
M. Vaculik 2,2,R,1=5
R. Replacement =0
D. King 3,0,3,3,0=9
K. Pieszczek 2',1,2',2',3=10+3
H. Andersen 2,3,3,3,2=13
K. Newman 0,2,0,3,1,1,0=7
J. Sarjeant 1',0,0,1=2+1

Somerset 44
J. Doyle 3,3,2,0,3=11
J. Allen 1,2',0,F=3+1
C. Wright 1,1',2',2=6+2
J. Holder R,2,3,2=7
R. Lawson 1,3,0,2,1=7
J. Jeppesen 0,1,1,1'=3+1
B. Wilson-Dean 3,3,1,0=7

Ht 1 J. Doyle M. Vaculik J. Allen K. Newman 2-4 (2-4) (62.75)
Ht 2 B. Wilson-Dean K. Newman J. Sarjeant J. Jeppesen 3-3 (5-7) (64.25)
Ht 3 D. King K. Pieszczek C. Wright J. Holder (Rtd) 5-1 (10-8) (64.38)
Ht 4 B. Wilson-Dean H. Andersen R. Lawson J. Sarjeant 2-4 (12-12) (63.5)
Ht 5 J. Doyle J. Allen K. Pieszczek D. King 1-5 (13-17) (62.81)
Ht 6 R. Lawson M. Vaculik J. Jeppesen J. Sarjeant 2-4 (15-21) (63.25)
Ht 7 H. Andersen J. Holder C. Wright K. Newman 3-3 (18-24) (64.25)
Ht 8 K. Newman K. Pieszczek B. Wilson-Dean J. Allen 5-1 (23-25) (63.94)
Ht 9 D. King K. Pieszczek J. Jeppesen R. Lawson 5-1 (28-26) (63.93)
Ht 10 J. Holder C. Wright K. Newman M. Vaculik (Rtd) 1-5 (29-31) (64.12)
Ht 11 H. Andersen J. Doyle K. Newman J. Allen (Fell) 4-2 (33-33) (63.85)
Ht 12 D. King C. Wright J. Jeppesen K. Newman 3-3 (36-36) (64.32)
Ht 13 H. Andersen R. Lawson M. Vaculik J. Doyle 4-2 (40-38) (64.25)
Ht 14 K. Pieszczek J. Holder J. Sarjeant B. Wilson-Dean 4-2 (44-40) (64)
Ht 15 J. Doyle H. Andersen R. Lawson D. King 2-4 (46-44) (62.93)

Referee Phil Griffin
Gates: Leicester won toss and chose gates 2&4 in heat 1. Somerset took gates 2&4 in heat 15

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