Thursday March 08, 2018
SIXTH-season Rebels starter CHARLES WRIGHT will be making his "BEN FUND BONANZA" debut, having been added to this year's line-up for the event at Peterborough.

Charles, who ended last season sidelined with a wrist injury is keen to get some racing under his belt again after spending the winter battling back to fitness and admits "I’ve spent the whole winter trying to get it right. It won’t ever be the same but I’ve got it as close as I can in time for racing. I’m definitely fit enough to start the season.
"I’ve never have the chance to do the meeting before, so I’m looking forward to it, and racing for a good cause. I’ve had a bit out of the Ben Fund after my crash last year so I am pleased to be returning the favour.”

Riding for Redcar last season Wright claimed a 15 point maximum in the Championship KOC fixture last April at the East of England Showground and then had league returns of 8 and 7 respectively at the same venue. Wright's inclusion makes him the second 2018 'Cases' Rebel in the line-up, as he joins World Champion Jason Doyle.

Line-up: Hans Andersen, Ben Barker, Kenneth Bjerre, Jason Doyle, Chris Harris, Niels-Kristian Iversen, Thomas Jorgensen, Danny King, Sam Masters, Nick Morris, Scott Nicholls, Ulrich Ostergaard, Michael Palm-Toft, Bjarne Pedersen, Charles Wright, Steve Worrall.

The meeting will be held on March 18th with a 6.30pm start time.

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