Tuesday March 06, 2018
With the start of the season just a matter of weeks away the OakTree Arena circuit is looking in great shape.

As the 'Cases' Rebels prepare for an assault on the Premiership title they track staff have invested a great deal of time and effort in giving the circuit a make-over in a bid to further improve the quality of the racing, which already is one of the best in the country.

Speaking of the work undertaken so far, club owner Bill Hancock admitted "we have bladed back the track and ironed out the lumps and the bumps. With the weather having improved we took advantage of doing this much needed work. It is important for us that we have a track to be proud of. It is after all the stage where we are expecting world class riders to show us all what they are capable of. We haven't quite finished yet but already the track is looking in great nick and with plenty more 'TLC' to follow it can only get even better."

Bikes will roar again at the Oaktree in just three weeks time with the club staging their Press and Practice Day on Wednesday 28th March, just 48 hours before their KO cup tie against fierce rivals Poole.

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