Wednesday February 07, 2018
SOMERSET SPEEDWAY are delighted to confirm that the Press and Practice Day will be held at the OakTree arena on WEDNESDAY 28th March.

Announcing the date promoter Debbie Hancock advised "we have had to juggle our plans a little bit due to various circumstances but we are now in a position to confirm our plans."

"This year we will commence with the on-track practice with riders putting themselves through their paces between 2pm and 5pm. We will then move into the clubhouse from 7pm where we will be introducing our team, headlined of course by the world champion himself, Jason Doyle, to members of the Press and fans alike."

The club have confirmed that all fans are welcome to attend the event, which happens just two days before the Rebels' go into knockout cup action against Poole, with the team heading to Dorset for a morning start before concluding the tie at the Oaktree at 7.30pm.

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