Friday February 02, 2018
The Oaktree Arena clubhouse was packed with enthusiastic speedway fans as the club's new number one Jason Doyle was the special guest at the start of the Tatum & Pearson On The Road tour, on Thursday night.

Making his first UK public appearance since winning the world title in Melbourne in October, Doyle gave an enlightening, candid and entertaining performance as his speedway career fell under the spotlight.

His excellent sense of humour and good banter with the speedway television commentators Kelvin Tatum and Nigel Pearson enthralled the 200 or so guests that had assembled to welcome the golden boy "home".

It was the fourth time that Tatum and Pearson had brought their roadshow to the OakTree with Pearson admitting "we always enjoy coming here whether it be for one of these nights or with the tv cameras when it’s a racing night. This is the only venue that has been an ever-present on our tour and it is great to see so many people here tonight."

Doyle revealed that he is still coming to terms with life as a world champion and admitted that when he attended the F.I.M. Gala evening recently, where world champions from all bike racing disciplines gathered to be honoured, he was 'absolutely shell-shocked'.
"You are rubbing shoulders with so many greats and then all of a sudden you see your name come up on the large screen and you go forward to receive your F.I.M. honour. It was a surreal experience and I was just so taken aback that all I could do was stand there and wave. I just couldn't speak. The Polish guy who was on my table spoke better than me."

Jason then went on to describe how his career had taken many knocks on the way claiming that "the pressure over the last two seasons as I was trying to realise every racer's dream was immense. But I believe that things happen for a reason. I was lucky to come through those injuries I sustained in Torun in 2016 that cost me the title that season. It could so easily have been life-changing, if not threatening, injuries that I had. My rehabilitation was largely due as I had been working so hard on my fitness. Those hours in the gym, shedding all those kilos made me fitter and healthier and gave me a better chance of recovery."

Speaking of his return this season as the Rebels' number one Doyle proclaimed "I am really looking forward to being back. It is an honour to be a number one for your club but when it is at a club that holds such a special place in your heart, that honour is even greater. I am here to give 100% on track for the Rebels but also to help the rest of the lads as much as I can. I am up for that and am ready to give them as much advice as they want to take on. I am so proud of Somerset Speedway that I will do everything possible to bring them the success they richly deserve.

The speedway season begins on Good Friday (March 30th) for the 'Cases' Somerset Rebels with a knockout cup duel with one of Doyle's former clubs Poole, although prior to that the club will be hosting their Press and Practice Day, a date for which is due to be announced shortly.

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