Wednesday January 10, 2018
Somerset's Jack Holder finished in 3rd place in the 2nd round of the Australian Championship which took place at Undera Park earlier today.

Jack scored 8 points from his 5 qualifying rides, his final total being restricted by a tapes exclusion in his 4th ride, but despite this, Jack still qualified for the 'B' Final alonside Max Fricke, Matthew Gilmore and Jordan Stewart, the winner of which progressing through to the 'A' Final where Rohan Tungate, Sam Masters and the unbeaten Brady Kurtz awaited.

Victory in the 'B' Final saw Jack take his place in the 'A' Final, the first running of which came to a premature end with Jack coming to grief, Brady Kurtz being excluded from the re-run after being deemed the cause of the incident.

The 'A' Final re-run went the way of Rohan Tungate, with Sam Masters second and Jack in third place to move him up to 6th place in the overall standings with 19 points.

Meeting Result:

Heat Scores: Brady Kurtz 15, Rohan Tungate 13, Sam Masters 13, Max Fricke 11, Jack Holder 8, Jordan Stewart 9, Matthew Gilmore 8, Mason Campton 8, Jye Etheridge 8, Cooper Riordan 6, Josh Pickering 6, Jaimon Lidsey 4, Robert Medson 4, Declan Knowles 3, James Davies 2, Joel Coyne 2, Res: Matthew Pickering 0, Ben Cook DNR.

'B' Final: Jack Holder, Max Fricke, Matthew Gilmore, Jordan Stewart

'A' Final: Rohan Tungate, Sam Masters, Jack Holder, Brady Kurtz (exc)

OVERALL STANDINGS (After round 2 of 4):

1 Rohan Tungate 35, 2 Brady Kurtz 27, 3 Max Fricke 26, 4 Sam Masters 23, 5 Josh Pickering 20, 6 Jack Holder 19, 7 Mason Campton 18, 8 Jordan Stewart 16, 9 Jaimon Lidsey 15, 10 Matthew Gilmore 14, 11 Jye Etheridge 13, 12= Robert Medson 9, Cooper Riordan 9, 14 Joel Coyne 6, 15 Declan Knowles 5, 16 James Davies 3.

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