Sunday December 24, 2017
There is just one name left to ink in on the 2018 ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels team list with the news that Charles Wright will be returning for what will be his 6th season in Somerset colours.

Very much a fans’ favourite, Charles had an exceptional 2017 to finish 2nd in the team’s official end of season averages, and is more than delighted to be returning to the Oaktree Arena;

“Everything about the club is just superb,” he said, “the promotion, the fans, absolutely everything. The promotion look after you and the fans are really appreciative of their riders, even when things aren’t quite going to plan they are also there giving you support, which is a great feeling.”

“Having tested the waters last year in the Premiership, the club have a better idea of what to expect and I am sure that we will be a much different proposition with that debut season behind us.”

Speaking of Charles’ signing, team manager Garry May knew that it would be well received by the fans;

“If I hadn’t included Charles in the septet then I don’t think the Somerset fans would have let me back into the Oaktree Arena, he joked, “He is the type of rider that the fans love to see, all-action with a never-say-die attitude, and although he might provide everyone with one or two scary moments every now and then, to be honest, I wouldn’t want it any other way with Charles!”

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