Thursday December 21, 2017
The 2018 team-building plans for the ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels are gathering a-pace with the news of the 4th rider being announced, and after a year away at Swindon, it is a return to the Oaktree Arena for Bradley Wilson-Dean.

Bradley was a member of the 2016 Somerset which won the Premier League (now known as the Championship) and League Cup, but averages dictated that the New Zealander was not able to be accommodated in the 2017 line-up, and he eventually joined Swindon where he was an integral member of the Robins side which won the Premiership title.

After that year ‘across the border’ in Wiltshire, Bradley is to return to the Somerset camp for the 2018 campaign, to the delight of Rebels team manager Garry May;

“It was a difficult decision a year ago to release Bradley, but the numbers just wouldn’t stack up in order for me to retain him,” May said, “but in saying that, the year away from the Oaktree Arena has probable helped Bradley as a rider, and hopefully Somerset will benefit from that come next season.”

“Having won league championship titles in each of the past two seasons, hopefully he will be the lucky talisman for us next year and help us to that Premiership title!”

“With 4 of our septet for 2018 now in place, I am hopeful that we are able to provide the Somerset fans with an early Christmas present and have the full team in place by the time Santa starts his Christmas run!”

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