Monday October 23, 2017
The ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels have been forced to cancel their end of season dinner and rider presentation night due to take place on Friday night, the evening having already having been postponed from earlier in the month, an exasperated Debbie Hancock explaining the reasons behind the decision;

“For the second, and final time, the ‘Cases’ Somerset Rebels will cancel their end of season party due to take place this Friday (27th October).

“I am very disappointed to have to do this, it being the first ever year we’ve had had to cancel the event, but once again several things have contributed to this decision.”

“Ticket sales have been well down compared to previous years, something I am pretty unhappy about as fans have moaned in the past that tickets over the last few years have been expensive, albeit that the meal has consisted of a two-course dinner, so having listened to the fans feedback, we decided to give the them what they had been asking for, namely a buffet with a disco and we reduced the tickets to just £10, but despite this, the fans have still not supported the event, so I fail to see what else we can do.”

“Then, for one reason or another, you get riders who either do not want to attend, want to be paid to attend, or cannot attend due having to ride in to meaningless fixtures which are still being run at this late in the season!”

“So, in short, things have just got to the stage where it has become stupid to carry on with the evening; a lot of effort into planning and arranging this event, but if the fans cannot be bothered to attend, then why should the club and its promotion bother to arrange it, it is just something else fans will lose.”

“In saying all that, I would, however, like to say a personal congratulation to Richard Lawson who was voted as the fans’ Rider of the Year. He has been a great person to work with and he is the victim of Friday night’s meaningless fixture as he has to ride for Glasgow, so well-done Richard, a well-deserved accolade.”

“Finally, I would like to thank the few fans who did buy tickets to support Friday’s event, and would ask that they contact Di Phillips, and not the Oaktree, for a full refund.”

The full list of the 2017 rider awards;

Rider of The Year - Richard Lawson
Most Entertaining Rider - Charles Wright
Most Improved Rider - Lewis Kerr
Santa-on-a-Bike Award for Most Bonus Points - Jake Allen
Fastest Time of the Season by a Rebel - Josh Grajczonek
Track Staff Rider of the Year - Charles Wright
Fred Fountain Memorial Trophy – Charles Wright
SREF Rider of the Year - Charles Wright

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