Monday October 09, 2017
The 'Cases' Somerset Rebels end of season Dinner and Presentation Night due to be held at the Oaktree on Friday (13th October) has been postponed.

"Unfortunately, with some of the riders due to appear in the following day's Riders' Championship at Glasgow and with both Josh [Grajczonek] and now Charles Wright on the injured list following his 'off' in yesterday's Pairs Championship, it would have meant that had we gone ahead with the night as planned, then there would have been hardly any of the riders in attendance, which would have taken the edge off the night." said club promoter Debbie Hancock. "It would have been unfair to expect the guys who are in Saturday's Riders' Championship to come down to Somerset for Friday night and then leave early to make the long trek up to Glasgow without having the opportunity to enjoy themselves at the Dinner."

"We have, therefore, taken the decision to postpone the night, a new date for which will be announced in the near future. We apologise for any inconvenience caused to fans who have bought tickets for Friday night, but with the majority of the riders unable to attend, we felt that there was no alternative but to hold the Dinner over until another date."

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